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3 Tips to Help you Stay Healthy

Toxin Busters to Keep You Well

I just returned from a visit to the Northwest. It was cold the day we arrived in Seattle . . . a shock to our Arizona blood. When I got home, I didn’t feel my best. Flying is hard on the body for sure. It’s time for the toxin busters.

Following are some things we can all do to stay healthy this fall:

1. Add plenty of ginger and fresh turmeric to your juices.

2. Take detox baths:

Apple Cider Vinegar Bath: For Elimination of Uric Acid Deposits and some Chemicals Pour one quart of apple cider vinegar into a tub of hot water. Soak in the tub for 30 minutes. Sweating sometimes occurs.

Clorox Bath: For Elimination of Chemicals and Metals Pour 1/2 cup of Clorox into the full tub of hot water. Soak in the tub for 20-30 minutes or until the water cools. Use only Clorox brand bleach. Do not use Fresh Scent or powdered bleach or any other brand.

Sea Salt and Baking Soda Bath: For most types of Radiation Pour one pound of pure salt and one pound of baking soda into the tub of hot water. Use sea salt or pink Himalayan salt. Soak in the tub for 20-30 minutes or until the water cools.

3. Sweat with Sauna Detox.  Sweat out the toxins that nothing else can reach. Here’s proof that it works:

A study by David Schanare, Max Ben and Megan Shields shows that infrared saunas help detox the body from PCBs, PBBs, Chlorinated pesticides and hexachloroenzene. 


A study by Stephen Genuis showed that toxic elements such as cadmium are not detected in blood or urine, but 80% of study participants had it in their sweat. 

The most common metals eliminated via sweat are cadmium, nickel, lead, and aluminum.

Some toxic elections that do not show in blood or urine tests may be released during sweating.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is excreted in sweat.  Sweat BPA concentrations are consistently higher in sweat than urine. BPA is a hormone disruptor found in water bottles, beverage cans, and baby bottles.

Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton suggests the root cause of all weight gain is directly related to our own natural weight control system being overloaded and poisoned with toxic chemicals that we encounter through our skincare, food, cleaning products, and general environment.

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