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3 Unusual Weight Loss Juices

3 Unusual Weight Loss Juices

1) Jerusalem artichoke juice.

A small brown tuber that looks like a little potato, Jerusalem artichokes help curb carb cravings. This artichoke contains about 2% protein, no oil, and no starch. It is rich in the carbohydrate inulin. A study published in Nutrition and Metabolism  (2015) showed the positive effect of inulin on weight and prediabetes. It has also been reported as a folk remedy for diabetes.

2) Ginger juice.

Ayurveda medicine teaches that eating and drinking ginger root can help keep your weight under control. Now research supports this teaching. A study published in the Journal of the Science and Food of Agriculture (2014) found that overweight rats who were given gingerol (a compound in ginger) were able to lose weight after a 30-day supplementation. The rats also showed improvements to blood sugar levels and leptin levels. Another study published in the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences showed that ginger had an equal impact on rat weight loss as a popular weight-loss medication. A study published in Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin of 2004 indicated ginger fights belly fat by suppressing cortisol production; cortisol is a major contributor of belly fat.

3) Chili peppers.

Spice up your juices. Add a little chili pepper to the blend. The University of Wyoming found beneficial ingredient from chili peppers found that just by adding capsaicin from chili peppers into a mouse’s high-fat diet, it prevented weight gain. The mice in the study didn’t eat or drink more or less because of the capsaicin additive, they simply plateaued in weight gain..(Biophysical Society’s Annual Meeting)

Today’s Recipe

Fire and Ice Serves 1-2

Want to kick your metabolism into high gear?  Add more chili peppers. They contain capsaicin, which is a chemical compound that can rev up your metabolism.

  • 2 green apples
  • 6 kale leaves
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1/4 jalapeno

books_fastingJuice all ingredients, pour over ice, stir and enjoy!

From my upcoming book The Juice Lady’s Guide to Fasting.


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  1. Weight loss recipes could be quite useful, but again what quantities per day. How much to use in each juice 8-ounce glass? in each smoothie? in water daily? What? How to use to benefit?