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6 Hot Reasons to Summer Detox

6 Hot Reasons to Summer Detox

Now that the weather is warmer, and in some areas like Phoenix, recording-breaking hot, It’s much easier to Juice Fast and do the 30-Day Detox Challenge. We typically aren’t as hungry when it’s hot making it much easier to go without heavy food.                

There are many benefits to cleansing the body like disease prevention and healing, looking younger, and losing weight. Following are six specific benefits that might appeal to you in this summertime:

1) Melt Away Cellulite. That’s right!  I know firsthand.  In my early 30s, I had many more dimples on my legs than I do now.  Cellulite consists of pockets of fat, toxins, and water that create that cottage cheese effect.  Flush your body and you flush this lumpy fat away too.  You can make this the last year you are shy to wear your lovely bathing suit.  And if you don’t have any dimples, well…make sure you never do.


“This is the 3rd week for me and was so happy to look in the mirror and see ALL the cellulite in the back area GONE!! The skin is as smooth and toned as could be, without having worked out since we started. Wow, just wow! Keep up the work, everyone, it’s so worth it. Also, I am not weighing till Monday but I can tell I’ve lost a lot.”  —Jonida, February 2016

2) Boost Your Metabolism and Lose Weight. When you remove your body’s toxins, you will fire up your calorie-burning system.  Toxins interfere with weight loss because the body doesn’t want to let them go from fat cells unless there are enough antioxidants to bind them up so they don’t damage your delicate tissues and organs.  That’s where juices make a huge difference because they’re chock full of these super nutrients. Watch the fat fade away.

3) Fire Up Your Energy. When you juice fast or detox with a 3-5 day juice fast kick off, you’ll get a big helping of biophotons with each glass of fresh juice you drink. Biophotons are the light rays of energy that plants absorb from the sun.  They feed the mitochondria, the little energy units of our cells that produce ATP—our energy fuel.

4) Give Your Skin The Healthiest Glow. A study in the UK found that the carotenoids in fresh fruits and veggies give the skin a healthier, more attractive glow than even a tan. If you combine the two, you’ll look like a tan, toned, healthy new you.

5) Sleep Like a Summer Baby. When you rid yourself of the toxins that agitate the body, sugars that keep you awake at night, and substances that rev up your adrenal glands during the night, you’ll start sleeping much more deeply. You may find yourself waking up with the sun feeling very refreshed.  That was my Sunday morning yesterday.

6) Lose Some Wrinkles and Lines. Many toxins contribute to the aging process. Flush them away and you’ll see many improvements in your skin.

So what are you waiting for? 

I have two opportunities to cleanse in August—

My 5-day Juice Fasst Challenge begins July 31. 


The 30-Day Detox starts August.7 

I highly recommend you also get the Internal Cleanse Kit. Take 15% OFF with code DETOX15.

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