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6 Steps To Raise Your Metabolism

  1. Drink green tea. Tea can raise your metabolism by 12%, according to a Japanese study. Researchers believe the antioxidant catechins in the tea provide the boost. Sometimes called green tea catechins, they belong to a group of flavonoids that exist in the fresh leaves of the tea plant.
  2. Take fiber. Research shows that fiber can rev your fat burning by as much as 30%. Studies show that women who eat the most fiber gain the least weight over time. Strive for 25 g a day—the amount in about three servings each of fruits and vegetables.
  3. Drink 6 glasses of cold water each day. German researchers discovered that if you drink 6 glasses of cold water a day 48 ounces) you can raise resting metabolism by burning an extra 50 calories daily—enough to shed 5 pounds in a year. The increase in metabolism may come from heating the water to body temperature.
  4. Eat organic food. Canadian researchers found that dieters who consume the most organochlorines (pesticides, which are stored in fat cells) experience a greater than normal dip in metabolism as they lose weight. It is believed that perhaps the toxins interfere with the energy-burning process. Other research hints that pesticides can trigger weight gain. Always choose organic when buying anything on the Dirty Dozen list Go to ewg.org.
  5. Eat protein. Research shows protein can increase postmeal calorie burning by as much as 35%. Choose clean animal proteins such as grass fed meat, pasture raised poultry and wild-caught fish. Also, cage-free eggs and organic nuts and seeds. Limit beans as they have carbs, which can be fattening.
  6. Eat more metabolism boosters.

  • Chili peppers contain capsaicin, a phytonutrient that can kick your metabolism into higher gear. A study published in Obesity found that capsaicin increases thermogenesis, which releases heat and increases your body temperature.
  • Ginger was shown in animal studies to increase metabolism by up to 20 percent.
  • Turmeric was shown in animal studies to reduce fat storage.


  • 1 cucumber, peeled if not organic
  • 1 lemon, peeled
  • 2 ribs celery
  • 1 leaf chard
  • 1-inch chunk fresh turmeric
  • 1-inch chunk ginger root

Cut produce to fit your juicer’s feed tube. Juice all ingredients, stir, and enjoy. Serves 1.

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  1. madeleine jones

    Read lots of articles on losing weight and they all say the same about drinking water. But I have never heard of eating organic food Before. That is news to me and I am guessing that pesticides are not great for your body either. I read this article https://www.bathing-suits.info/2-week-diet-my-experience/ and this woman claims to have lost 15lbs in 2 weeks. I was wondering if I stick to your method to raise metabolism, do you think I could lose 15lbs in 2 weeks? Regards madeleine.

    • Madeleine, it is possible to lose 15 lb in 2 weeks, but probably more like 6-7 pounds. I would recommend you join my Sipping Skinny weight loss group. People are losing weight on this program.