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Allergy Cure

Allergy Cure

Trees are budding. Spring is just about in the air along with the pollen. Will it affect you? Over fifty million Americans suffer from hay fever, making it the sixth most common chronic illness.

The root cause of your sniffles and sneezes, watery eyes, itchy nose, scratchy throat, or draining sinuses may be a little known factor.

Most allergic reactions are a sign of an imbalanced immune system. An overreactive or overly sensitive immune system can result in weakened adrenal glands. Allergic reactions involve the release of histamine and other pro-inflammatory substances. Cortisol, released by the adrenal glands, is a primary anti-inflammatory agents The amount of cortisol circulating in the blood is a key factor in controlling inflammatory reactions in the body. Cortisol is secreted as part of the anti-inflammatory response. It helps prevent reactions like keeping eyes from swelling shut due to allergies. Healthy adrenal function plays an important role in histamine release and inflammatory reactions that cause allergic reactions.

When the adrenals are fatigued, they are less likely to produce enough cortisol to adequately counteract inflammatory reactions. Allergy symptoms can flare up and make us miserable. Have you noticed that when you are more stressed, your allergic reactions are worse? People going through times of adrenal fatigue often experience worse symptoms. When more histamine is released, it takes additional cortisol to control the inflammatory response. This pushes the adrenal glands harder then ever. The more they have to work, the more fatigued they may become, and the less cortisol they produce. Elevated histamine levels inflame the tissues even more. A destructive cycle is set in motion that can lead to deepening adrenal fatigue and more severe allergic reactions.

To break this cycle, it is imperative to give your body the support it needs. This is far better than simply manipulating your body with anti-histamines. Supporting your immune system and adrenal glands helps you get to the root of the problem.

What you can do right away:

  • Juice lots of vegetables and include plenty of ginger root–it’s an anti-inflammatory agent
  • Don’t drink coffee or anything else with caffeine; this whips tired adrenals forcing them to work when they need to rest
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Eating adequate protein is important
  • Take extra vitamin C with bioflavonoids.
  • Take Vitality Renew
  • Reduce stress; take a break, decompress, schedule times to relax, meditate, pray
  • Find out how stressed your adrenal glands are; take the Adrenal Fatigue Quiz
  • Detox: toxins can make allergies much worse. Maybe it’s time for a cleanse.
  • See 30-Day Detox and The Internal Cleanse Kit


Why HistaEze Helps

HistaEze™ is designed to help support and counteract some of the main symptoms and immune reactions associated with environmental allergies.

Key ingredients in this comprehensive allergy support formula include:

  • Tinofend® -an extract derived from the plant Tinospora cordifolia that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine since the early 1900s for its immunomodulating action.[1] It contains a proprietary complex of polysaccharides and polyphenols, and has been clinically shown to regulate key immune mediators. Tinofend® addresses the cause of allergies by increasing the number of phagocytic white blood cells (including macrophages), which help consume and rid the body of allergens, and by reducing the number of eosinophils (cells that contain histamine).
  • Quercetin, Nettle leaf and Vitamin C -historically used in the management of seasonal allergies
  • Bicarbonate salts -included due to their role as immediate antihistamines, and their ability to mitigate the potential drowsiness experienced by those who may also be taking antihistamine medications.


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  1. Sandra James

    I tried to order the Allergy Free For Life product because you have Canada and my province-Newfoundland and Labrador-listed in the checkout area.When I put in my postal code it says that there is no shipping to that location.Why is it listed if you do not ship to Canada?