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Sept. 11-15 in beautiful Carefree, AZ

Please join me if you want to —Learn more about juicing and experience a 2-day juice fast within a group setting, which makes juice fasting so much easier. Spend 5 days detoxing with gourmet raw foods and juices. Lose between 5 and 10 pounds in a week; yes people have lost that much weight in a week who need to lose weight. If you do not need to lose weight, you will not lose very much. One lady who had lost too much weight during cancer treatment actually gained 2 pounds. Your body will do what it needs to do when you give it the right foods.
Rejuvenate your body and soul; de-stress—learn to live from a happy heart. Learn how to detox emotionally and mentally. Discover new insights about your purpose. Look younger and more vibrant in a week.

Health Changing Week

If you are battling, serious health challenges like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, digestive issues, or arthritis — you will certainly benefit. Your health is the smartest investment you can make. The better you feel, the more you’ll achieve. The more you can improve your health, the more you’ll enjoy living! Flipside, the more you let your health go, well… the more everything else will go. For just  $1398, this is the best health investment week you can find.  This price includes your lodging, meals, and classes. This is your personal invitation to my retreat that quite literally can change your health and your life. You’ll see why I say this when you come. We are offering a variety of health-enhancing options for this retreat. We have a pilates instructor that will be teaching our morning exercise class. Our lovely Alyssa will be here giving her excellent massages. Julie will be back with foot detox baths and the Beamer.

For more information, go to Retreats. Register online and reserve your spot. Register today.  Don’t wait!  Your health is the most important investment you can make.

Retreat  Scholarship

We have 1 scholarship left for the September retreat. Get your application in right away. Let me know why you want to come and send proof of financial need. Cherie@juiceladycherie.com The retreat is in CAREFREE, AZ (just 40 minutes north of the Phoenix airport)


We need your prayers!
Our friends Tim and Tessa from the Northwest really need our prayers. Here’s their story:
Tim and I married and moved to Spokane, WA to attend Moody Bible Institute. What we thought would be “just a short stay”, has now turned into 11 wonderful years. We bought some land in the country, built a home and started a family. . . a rather large family! We adopted Tim’s nephew Trevor. I gave birth to six beautiful, healthy, toe-headed children. And thinking that we had some free time, we threw in pigs, rabbits, ducks, chickens and a garden of mostly weeds with a few tomatoes thrown in.Well, our world changed when we found out Tim, who at the time was a healthy 23 year old, had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma stage 4E (meaning it had spread to different organs) We were devastated and scared. We went with the first oncologist we saw, did the chemo, did the tests, did everything we were told to do. It worked! Cancer was gone. Life went on. Well, 7 years later and just a few weeks ago, we found out that it didn’t work. The cancer is back. This time in the form of tumors around his back and one lymph node in his chest. We are scared again. We are sad, and we are also angry. NOW, we are proceeding slower. We are reading books on how to treat and fight cancer with proper nutrition and supplements,  IV drips from a naturopath, and so, SO much more! We have met with several people who know nutrition or have successfully treated cancer using alternative methods. We are gathering ALL information this time before just jumping at what a Dr. shoves down our throats. One common solution we keep reading and hearing about is JUICING—juicing greens, turmeric, garlic, ginger, celery, carrots, and much more. Juicing to give Tim’s young body a true fighting chance to heal itself, to cut off pathways for the stem cells to grow and to nourish him so that the body can do as God created it to do. Heal. But our juicer is breaking down. This is why we would be greatly blessed with a juicer! It’s not just a machine or another appliance in the kitchen. This is a life giving tool to help heal my husband so that he can watch his little kids grow, live life to it’s fullest and enjoy health for as long as God will give him! Thank you again friend! This means so much to our family!

Tim and Tessa are recipients of the Nama J2 juicer giveaway for July. This beautiful family needs our prayers; Tim needs healing.

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