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Boost Your Immune System

Purify Your Blood

When you cleanse your blood, your body will begin to work more optimally. Blood is vital in conveying nutrients and oxygen to cells. If we have impurities and toxins in our blood, they will get carried to the cells. Organs get congested when fed with dirty, impure blood.  Many conditions people struggle with could be improved with a cleanse program.

When you cleanse the blood, you can benefit in the following ways:

  • 1.  Improved digestion
  • 2.  Clear, softer skin
  • 3.  Improved health
  • 4.  Stronger immune system
  • 5.  Liver function improved

The last time I did a Blood and Skin Cleanse, I noticed an odd sensation in the upper left corner of my back. It felt like some things were wiggling around.  I felt it for most of the week. What was that, I kept wondering? An acquaintance who had done missions work in Ethiopia said she had had those kinds of sensations many times because she had gotten parasites numerous times while there. It became apparent to me that the Blood and Skin Detox Tincture I was taking was killing a group of parasites.

When you detoxify the blood, you remove parasites toxins, fungus, bacteria, and viruses.


Use an herbal blood detox to eliminate systemic pathogens, remove toxic residues from the blood, stimulate the lymphatic system (essential for keeping your blood clean), and break down rogue cells to minimizing the chances of malignant growths taking root in your body.  The Blood and Skin Herbal Tincture can literally drive out the bad things from your blood.

In Addition to the Herbs            

Drink purified water.

To make sure you get enough water, take your weight, and divide it in half.  This is the number of ounces you should drink per day.

Eat a detox diet.                   

A  body cleansing diet provides cellular nutrition to your trillions of cells. All cells require quality protein, essential fatty acids, and plenty of fresh vegetables and vegetable juices, raw fruits, beans, and ancient grains.

Move the lymphatic system.

Exercise and massage move the lymph.  Also, the Lymphasizer machine is excellent in keeping the lymphatic system moving. I’ve also discovered the importance of dry brushing.  Keep a natural bristle brush where you can see it and brush your body, always moving toward your heart, before you shower.


Sweat for waste elimination. Besides daily physical activity, saunas and warm baths with Epsom salts or sea salt are very helpful to remove toxins.

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