Double Chin Gone with a Juice Fast

Double Chin Gone with a Juice Fast

Can it possibly be true?  Yes indeed.

Are you wanting to get rid of jowls or a double chin? I wouldn’t recommend a prescription drug. That’s what I see promoted from the plastic surgeon’s office that’s down the hall from where I get my hair done. What kind of side effects would you get from a drug that targets fat under your chin? I’m all for natural remedies. But could juice fasting really melt away fat in odd places like under the chin? There are all sorts of reports about green juices melting belly fat. So why not face fat? Well, you can’t argue with someone’s success!

Here’s Raoul’s story firsthand:

“I want to let you know that we tried one of your one-week juice fasts last year. I’d had a strange “jowlyness” under my chin for a while, like a sort-of double chin or fattiness. This disappeared completely after the juice fast and has not returned since. Amazing result!!  All the best and thanks again for the excellent work you do!”        —Raoul

If you have some fat pockets you’d like to melt away, why not give juice fasting a try? My 5 Day Juice Fassst starts Monday. You can sign up today and get your produce shopping done over the weekend.

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