Sipping Skinny!

Sipping Skinny!

You CAN be your BEST in 2019!!!

You can sip the pounds away RIGHT NOW so you can be your best in 2019.

I want to share some excerpts from Sipping Skinny. You’ll see why this program works and why it’s so popular.

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Detox Toxic Fat & Lose Weight

Detox Toxic Fat & Lose Weight

Detox Toxic Fat & Lose Weight

When you remove toxins, you will lose weight and feel better. Fat soluble toxins are more difficult to remove than water-soluble toxins that can be flushed from the body easily. Fat-soluble toxins include heavy metals, pesticides, preservatives, food additives, pollutants, plastics and other environmental chemicals. They must become water-soluble for the body to eliminate them completely. These toxins get stored mostly in the fat cells and the liver. With toxins stored in the fat cells, it is difficult to lose weight. The body will hold onto the fat as much as possible to protect your delicate tissues and organs. If the pathways of elimination such as the intestinal tract or the lymphatic system are not functioning optimally, this makes it even harder to get the toxins out of the body. If your diet is deficient in fiber, up to 94% of the bile – along with its toxic baggage – gets reabsorbed back to the liver to be recycled.

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Watercress Weight Loss Diet

Watercress Weight Loss Diet

Watercress Weight Loss Diet eProgram

Begins September 18th.

You will receive:

  • The Program – 3 weeks
  • An invitation to a Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and share ideas. 
  • A copy of Cherie’s newest book, Souping is the New Juicing.

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Here’s the research on why the Watercress Soup Diet is so effective:

Study on Thyroid Improvement

Studies have shown that the benefits derived from regular consumption of watercress may be from “secondary metabolites and other phytonutrients which repair cellular damage.” Watercress works effectively as a preventive against thyroid disease along with some cancers and cardiovascular disease. (Manchali; Journal of Functional Foods, 2012; 4(1):94-106)  (BTW: Dr. Mercola reported on this and recommended watercress for thyroid.)

Watercress is one of the best plant sources of iodine. Studies show that small amounts of iodine “cause slight but significant changes in thyroid hormone function in predisposed individuals.” (

Effect of small doses of iodine on thyroid function in patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis residing in an area of mild iodine deficiency. – PubMed – NCBI

Eur J Endocrinol. 1998 Jul;139(1):23-8. Clinical Trial; Randomized Controlled Trial

“Insufficient iodine intake impairs the production of thyroid hormones, leading to a condition called hypothyroidism. Iodine deficiency results in a range of adverse health disorders with varying degrees of severity.” ( Iodine | Linus Pauling Institute | Oregon State University

Anti-Aging Food for the Face!

Would you like to look younger while also losing weight?

There is a study reported in the Daily Mail on watercress and anti-aging—the latest wonder food for the face. (

Eat your way to a facelift: Watercress is the latest way to a facelift: Watercress is the newest wonder food in the battle against aging. The study showed 10 out of 11 females experienced visible improvements to their skin.

Watercress for workouts!

“In this particular study, ten healthy young men were given a small bag of watercress, about 3 ounces, daily for eight weeks. The participants were then asked to execute treadmill workouts that included short bursts of intense exercise. Another group, which was not given watercress also performed the treadmill workout after eight-week as a control.

The athletes who had not eaten watercress experienced more DNA damage, and for the watercress consumers, the benefits were seen after just one dose. In other words, the nutrients didn’t need to accumulate over days. Those who ate the veggie just two hours before hitting the treadmill experienced the same benefits as those who had munched on it daily for two months.” (

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Make it more fun…Do it together!!! Everything is more fun when you do it TOGETHER. Friends, sisters, mother/daughter, girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife!

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Wheatgrass Helps You Lose Weight

Wheatgrass Helps You Lose Weight

Wheatgrass Helps You Lose Weight

Fresh or dehydrated wheatgrass really can help you lose weight. It’s loaded with nutrients that speed up your metabolism and convert calories to energy. It has a high concentration of iron, magnesium, calcium, amino acids, vitamins C, A and E, B12, B6, and chlorophyll. These vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients provide many health benefits. Wheatgrass is also very helpful in ridding the body of yeast and parasites. These bad guys especially don’t like wheatgrass. A friend got rid of a sizable tapeworm by consuming wheatgrass juice every day for a week.

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The Power of a Cleanse Retreat

The Power of a Cleanse Retreat

The Power of a Cleanse Retreat

Over two decades ago I attended my first juice and raw foods cleanse retreat. I have never felt so clean and alive as I had that week. I went back every year for a tune up. There was something about cleansing and juice fasting with others that made the whole process much easier and much more fun. I was determined to have my own cleanse retreats one day and to address whole person cleansing—body, soul, and spirit. I knew that’s where I’d see the most powerful and profound changes in people’s lives.

Almost 3 years ago my husband and I started The Juice and Raw Foods Cleanse Retreats. We’ve seen miraculous things happen since the day we started. I’m sharing a couple of testimonies in this newsletter with you. I want you to feel sparkling clean and vibrantly alive too like so many other people have.


We do three days of juice fasting preceded and followed by raw foods. Juice fasting eliminates the usual mucous forming foods from the diet like refined flour, dairy, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol, and stimulates the digestive tract to be more active. It eliminates irritating substances and prevents the production of excess mucus. In addition, juice fasting helps the body remove dead cells and toxins while also supplying an abundance of nutrients the body uses to heal.

Raw juices are very alkaline and highly beneficial in creating acid-alkaline balance in the blood and tissues. The juices extracted from raw fruits and vegetables require no digestion so your digestive track, and indeed your whole body, gets a rest. Also, vital nutrients are assimilated directly in the bloodstream.

I hope you’ll be able to attend our Fall Retreat—September 20-25 at Immaculate Heart Retreat Center in Spokane, WA.

Health Juice RetreatTestimonies From Past Retreats

A life-changing event!

“It’s now been a month since I was on your Wellness Retreat, I didn’t want to comment as soon as I got back as I wasn’t sure if the benefits I experienced would be short lived and from the “high” of being there. Today, one month later, as I was walking through the mall, I noticed how energized I feel. My weight is down 10 pounds so far– 6 pounds were lost at the retreat..By the end of the retreat, my constant post nasal drip had cleared up 98 percent . Prior to the retreat,  I was feeling constantly anxious and overwhelmed. Now, I feel a sense of calmness. Thanks Fr. John. My blood pressure, which was in the dangerously high zone, is now in the pre-high blood pressure zone and is still improving.. And, I am not craving carbs from wheat any longer.”  ~ Eileen

“Thank you for an amazing week! 

This retreat was a chance to renew, nourish and connect, body, mind and spirit.  I learned how great our bodies can feel when we nourish them with “real” food. And how “delicious” that can be!  I also learned how our bodies work, and the amazing things they are capable of if we help them function the way they are meant to.  And I learned about connecting our minds to our hearts, the importance of this, and the part our attitudes and emotions play in our health.  Each part is important,  but if we want to live the lives we are truly capable of, no matter our circumstances, we need to do all three.  And Cherie and Father John teach and demonstrate how to do this!

Tiffany lost 8 pounds, gained 20 friends

Mere words cannot express my gratitude to Cherie, Fr. John, and Catherine for last week’s Trinity Wellness Retreat. I was first introduced to Cherie’s juicing through Dr. Mercola’s website and have been enjoying juicing for the past 18 months. When I read about the retreat, I knew it was exactly what I needed to take my juicing to the next level to provide a supportive environment for a week-long cleanse. The retreat exceeded my expectations off the chart! The classes I attended at the retreat were packed with juicing information and recipes, healthy lifestyle changes, and loving support. While weight loss was not my priority, I did return home 8 pounds lighter but far more important were the 20+ new friendships I gained! No matter if you are just starting out with juicing or have been embracing and enjoying it for years, you must treat yourself to this life changing experience!”

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Need a 30-Day Weight Loss – Detox?

30-Day Detox – Weight Loss Challenge


The body’s ability to detox toxins is a significant factor in your ability to lose weight and maintain a healthy goal weight. When toxins backup and we experience toxic overload, we experience expanding fat cells that are stuffed with toxins and fat. This equates to an expanding waistline. This is a survival step to get the toxic load out of your bloodstream and away from key organs. However, this causes weight gain and interferes with weight loss because the body does not easily give up toxic fat it has stored.

Our polluted world is a true test of genetic survival of the fittest. The number of toxic chemicals in our world threatens the reproductive ability of the human race and is a large part of the cancer epidemic. Stored chemicals contribute to weight gain in various ways, including disruption of the hormone signaling system that regulates your metabolism and accumulation of toxins in your white adipose tissue.

Toxic lipopolysaccharides (LPS) is the result of bacterial imbalance within the digestive tract. It stimulates the formation of new fat cells and promotes weight gain. LPS causes leptin resistance and thyroid malfunction. It is an example of internally generated toxins along with waste like inflammatory debris and lactic acid. Environmental toxins affect everyone to some degree and can cause metabolic malfunctions of LPS, as well as increase the risk for cancer. Many environmental toxins are fat soluble, which means they readily accumulate in white adipose tissue. To lose weight, It is absolutely vital that you detox your body in a health way to lose weight.

I’ll help you detox and lose weight with my 30-Day Detox Weight Loss Challenge.

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Seven Slimming Summer Tips

Seven Slimming Summer Tips

Seven Slimming Summer Tips


1. Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. Cut out all soft drinks and fruit juices and load up on water. You’ll cut out a large amount of sugar from your diet and facilitate fat burning. You’ll also end up eating less because water fills you up. Before you devour your lunch, chug a full glass of water.

2. Interval train to save time and burn more fat. Don’t spend hours at the gym to get in shape, switch to interval training for better results and less time on your cardio machine. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, more calories are burned in short, high intensity exercises. Studies have shown that interval training can help “increase your metabolism, burn calories from fat and carbohydrates, and keep burning calories long after you finish exercising.” For instance, if you like to run for your cardio workout, try alternating jogging and sprinting in two-minute increments. You’ll be surprised at how fast the time goes by compared to your old, long and slow endurance routine.

3. Exercise as soon as you wake up. Before you raid the frig for breakfast, try squeezing in a morning workout. This is the optimal time to burn fat instead of carbohydrates because your body has been fasting throughout the night, creating a depletion of glycogen (stored carbohydrate) and lower blood sugar. Plus, if you exercise in the morning, you not only burn fat during your workout but at an accelerated rate for hours after.

4. Stretch every day. How do you think dancers stay so slim? Stretching helps elongate our muscles so we don’t “bulk up.” If you exercise, be sure to stretch for at least half the time of your workout.

5. “It takes fat to burn fat.” Sounds like an oxymoron, but actually “good fats, which are found in coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, nuts and omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil, help control your insulin levels, slow down carbohydrates rate of entry into the blood stream and sends a signal to your brain to stop eating, according to Dr. Barry Sears of “The Zone.” This doesn’t mean scarf down a pound of guacamole for lunch. Use these “good fats” as meal condiments and take a fish oil or omega-3 supplement every day.

6. Eat Breakfast! A common misconception is to skip breakfast to cut daily calories. But actually, studies show that those who eat breakfast actually weigh less than those who skip. According to Meal Matter nutrition, “when you skip breakfast, your metabolic rate slows down and your blood sugar drops. As a result, you become hungry and have less energy. This sets you up to impulsively snack in the morning – often on carbs – or to eat extra servings or bigger portions at lunch or dinner. When you eat breakfast, your body feels nourished and satisfied, making you less likely to overeat the rest of the day.”

7. Take home leftovers when dining out. Be sure to take at least 1/3 of it home for later.

For more tips on weight loss click here.

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