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Celery Juice Can Heal Your Gut, Adrenals and Destroy Cancer

Celery Juice Can Heal Your Gut, Adrenals and Destroy Cancer

A number of celebrities and influencers are touting the many benefits of celery juice. The note benefits that include lowered blood pressure, improved gut health and decreased inflammation. Is it life changing? Some people believe it is. It is said that drinking straight celery juice each day can transform your health and digestion in as little as one week.

Adrenal Support

I drink a glass of straight celery juice first thing in the morning. I can feel the difference. This is anecdotal. It feeds your adrenals. You just might feel it working shortly after drinking it. There are many people who swear by the powerful benefits of straight celery juice for adrenal support.  It doesn’t taste great but the benefits are amazing.

Cancer Fighter

Celery juice is a super cancer fighter. This humble vegetable contains apigenin and luteolin—compounds are bioactive flavonoids that fight cancer cells. Flavonoids are occur naturally in plant pigments that work as antioxidants and have the capacity to combat free radicals in the body.

The apigenin compound in celery fights cancer cells by inducing apoptosis (programmed cell death), which causes the cancer cells to self-destruct. In addition to apigenin’s antioxidant and anti-tumor properties, it is traditionally used in Chinese medicine for its capacity to treat gout and some arthritic conditions. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory compound.

Luteolin has the capacity to disrupt the replication cycle of cancer cells. A study published in the BioMed Central Gastroenterology journal discovered that luteolin is able to block the signal pathways (IGF and PI3K) which are necessary for the growth of cancer cells, specifically colorectal cancers. In developed nations, colon cancer is the second most frequent cause of cancer-related death.

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