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Cherie’s Story in Charisma Magazine’s January Issue

Don’t Miss Cherie’s Story in Charisma Magazine’s January Issue

Read Cherie’s story of tragedy to triumph and how her program has helped millions of people worldwide regain their health.  Here are just two of the many stories of hope and healing.

“Juicing and Cherie’s program gave me a new life. … It was like a reboot.” —Father Peter Guilianotti

Former missionary Lois Sobkoviak suffered from rheumatoid arthritis so debilitating she was practically bedridden. She prayed for healing, but nothing seemed to change. Then she saw nutritionist Cherie Calbom on an episode of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural talking about God’s power to heal through juicing.

After googling Calbom, Sobkoviak and her daughter decided to travel from Chicago to attend a health retreat Calbom was hosting in New Mexico. “It was very hard for her to get around at the retreat,” Calbom says. “She could barely move … and was in a lot of pain.”

At the retreat, Sobkoviak participated in a three-day juice fast, which was followed by a raw foods meal. She also received prayer and learned about proper nutrition, juicing and the power of emotional detoxing.

The result still has Calbom shaking her head. Sobkoviak arrived on a Sunday, barely able to move, and by Wednesday she was taking steps without a walker. On Thursday, she was walking completely on her own and was pain-free. “When she walked into the dining hall, the whole room burst into tears and cheers and applause because they knew how bad off she was when she got there,” Calbom says.


  1. Hi Cherie
    Just wondering if you have any specific juices for leaky gut and thyroid.

    • i would recommend green juices. Diet is also extremely important for these conditions. You might want to schedule a nutrition counseling appointment. Also get The Juice Lady’s Guide to Juicing for Health.

  2. Debbie patalonis

    Do you have any juicing tip to reduce thyroid antibiodies

  3. Hi Cherie,

    I thought I had read a story on your website on your dog who had cancer and went into remission on the right diet.

    Also that you posted a Healthy Dog Food Recipe.? If so, is it possible to get that recipe? I have tried several searches and nothing comes up.

    Thank you! 🙂

    • MacKenzie did recover from cancer with right diet and molecular shots. Diet: ground organic meat, organic brown rice or quinoa, organic veggies cooked in coconut oil