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Choose to Be Happy in the Midst of a Storm

You can live from a happy heart.

A week ago I noticed a leak under our sink at the back of the cabinet. A plumber found a big issue in the drywall behind the sink. The water remediation company that came out on Saturday said the whole counter, sink, dishwasher, and stove would have to come out. We’ve had a couple of days with no water at all in the house. We cannot prepare any food. That’s hard for the Juice Lady. Big fans whir day and night. It’s nerve-wracking.. It could be weeks before our kitchen is put back together. It just depends on when the construction crew can come. I look at the mess and think, “I could be discouraged and depressed. Or, I can choose to be joyful and happy.  I choose joy and happiness.”  When I read Jane’s story told above, my problems paled. I have far more than 2%. I can soldier on with a happy heart.

I only mention my story to drive home a point. You may be going through some tough issues too right now. Don’t give up. Don’t let depression have even one little inch. YOU CAN DO IT….whatever it is you need to do. And while you do it, you can live from a happy heart.

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