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Live Your Life in Peace and with Joy.

This last week we celebrated our mom’s (my husband’s mother) life as we spread her ashes on her favorite lake in Washington. We said prayers and shared our tributes to her. One of the things we talked about was her positive attitude and how she learned to count her blessings.  She typified what it means to “finish well.”

Though she hadn’t always considered her glass half full, the last few years of her life became one of gratitude. Friends, relatives and those who also lived in her assisted living building loved to be around her. People would ask her how she was. Though she had more than her share of physical challenges in the last few years, she would a little bit about what was going on and then she would say, “But I have so many blessings.”Staying positive and focusing on your blessings can change your life. Our mom was really struggling until my husband became her priest and helped her begin to focus on the positive. Changing how we view things in our life is sometimes the only thing we can change. And this one change of attitude can change your whole life. We have our mom’s “Count Your Blessings” plaque hanging in our home as a reminder to always remember our blessings. Do you need a life-change? Counting your blessings can make your whole life better. It can help you live your life in peace and with joy.

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