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Detox Diet for Energy

Are you feeling tired, lethargic, and stressed? Maybe you’re toxic. Detoxing is designed to clear your body of toxins, contaminants, waste, and heavy metals that can accumulate in joints, organs, tissues, cells, the lymphatic systems, and the bloodstream and energize your entire system. Health-robbing pollutants can come from a number of sources, including pesticides, environmental chemical and contaminants, household products, beauty products, processed foods, packaging agents, alcohol, prescription and non-prescription drugs, and by products of our own metabolism. By giving your body a break from heavy foods and a chance to get rid of its toxic load, you can experience major health improvements. If you richly nourishing yourself with nutrient dense foods, fresh organic juices, green smoothies, supplements, purified water, and exercise, you can reach a new level of health, vitality, and energy. A detox program can also help to clear brain fog and improve your mental clarity and emotional stability; balance blood sugar, reduce cravings; and increase strength, resiliency, and stamina.

How Toxic Are You?

Toxicity in your body can express itself in a staggering array of symptoms, which include chronic digestive complaints, sleep problems, joint problems, mental and emotional problems, skin conditions, chronic fatigue, persistent allergies, frequent colds or flu, head and body aches, lethargy, weight gain, irritability, and mental fog. (If you experience any of these symptoms on a regular basis, however, it’s important to see your doctor to rule out other possible conditions.) Just how toxic are you? Take the Toxicity Quiz and find out.

How Your Health Benefits Through Detoxification

Normally, our organs and systems of detoxification —liver, kidneys, intestinal tract, lymphatics, lungs, and skin—could successfully eliminate most contaminants. But in our modern toxic world, many people are overwhelmed with all the toxins their bodies must process on a regular basis. The health benefits of detoxing are numerous and significant. Often people say they experience benefits in just a few days such as greater energy, brain power, and vitality. Other important benefits include improved digestion, stronger immune system, better sleep, reduced inflammation, balanced blood sugar, improved circulation, weight loss, balanced hormones, clearer skin, and a greater sense of well-being. Long-term exposure to toxins has been linked to numerous types of cancer, diabetes, and other chronic, health conditions.




Are you ready to get started?

You will have many options for what you eat —from an all vegetable fast, to juicing and/or smoothie days, and various combinations. You can tailor your detox diet to make the program work for you including protein as you need.

Your program consists of 4 weeks and 4 parts:

Week 1 Colon Cleanse

Week 2 Liver-Gallbladder and Parasite Cleanse

Week 3 Kidney/Gallbladder and Lung

Week 4: Lymphatic and Skin and Blood

Take the Challengethe 30-Day Detox Challenge

If you are ready to get rid of the breeding ground for illness and disease and to dump the toxins that make your cells fat and sick, please join me for my 30-Day Detox & Weight Loss Challenge.  It begins August 10.  I’m going to cleanse with you.  I’ll be coaching you all the way and giving you updates on what I’m doing.  I’ll have teleconference calls with you as well.  Your course materials will come via email.  You’ll also be invited to our private Facebook page.  You don’t have to purchase a cleanse kit to do this program.  But if you want the added help and support of the herbal products, I’ve made the kits affordable with 25% off until the end of this month. Summer is the perfect time to cleanse.  If you want to include the herbal tinctures and toxin absorbers, get the Internal Cleanse Kit while it’s on sale.

Begins August 10 & ends Sept 7th for just $39.95

Get the Early Bird Special $34.95 if you register by August 1.


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    • Talla, You can join our program. The store only accepts US addresses, but you can pay either via Pay Pal using my email address trinityretreat@aol.com or you can pay by giving your credit card via email. You can split up the card information in 2 or 3 emails. Or you can call 1-425-261-8821 with your card information.