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Do You Need a Miracle?

Miracles Happen Here!
Come to the Juice Retreat…

Many people have been healed at our retreat. We’ve seen people healed body, soul, and spirit. Not only have attendees experienced physical healing, but they’ve also received healing in their souls. Some people have even been healed of emotional issues they’ve struggled with for years. If you need a miracle, I invite you to come.

This is a perfect time to cleanse away the winter weight along with winter blues.

We have a few rooms left.

The retreat starts Sunday, May 1 at 5:30 with dinner and ends Friday with lunch.

The retreat is in CAREFREE, AZ (just 40 minutes north of the Phoenix airport)

Join us at the beautiful Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center. This is the nicest retreat center we’ve been at. The views are spectacular of the Boulders, the grounds are simply lovely and the rooms are hotel quality. Each bedroom has 2 beds and a full bathroom.

Just north of Phoenix lies a jewel in the Sonoran Desert. The retreat center has two lovely water features and a full-size pool and hot tub with lovely walking trails on the grounds. Meetings rooms, sleeping rooms, and the dining hall are just steps away amid beautiful desert scenery.

When the weather maybe not be so lovely where you live, you’ll really enjoy a week in the sun in Arizona. But it’s not just the sun you’ll enjoy. You’ll be cleansing and renewing your body and soul. You’ll be learning a lot about your health of body and soul in our fun classes. Go here to read more about the classes.

Getting healthy has amazing rewards so don’t miss your opportunity to cleanse and renew with a great group of people. (I can honestly say that because the groups are always so much fun and such a loving bunch of people.)

For pictures and more information about the retreat center, go to http://spiritinthedesert.org 

If you want to join us, let me know as soon as possible.

You might want to stay over a few days and see beautiful Sedona, AZ or the Grand Canyon.

We will be giving away a Nama J2 juicer at the retreat. We will also be giving cards to each person attending for a deep discount on the juicer.

Haelan 951 will also be given out. We will have a drawing for this amazing fermented organic soy beverage.

May 1-5 or Sept. 11-15 in beautiful Carefree, AZ

We are offering a variety of health-enhancing options for this retreat.

  1. We have a pilates instructor that will be teaching our morning exercise class.
  2. Our lovely Alyssa will be here giving her excellent massages.
  3. Julie will be back with foot detox baths and the Beamer.
  4. We may have vegan facials. We’re waiting on confirmation.

For more information, go to Retreats. Register online and reserve your spot.


Register today.  Don’t wait!  Your health is the most important investment you can make.

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