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Early Childhood Trauma Affects us as Adults

Heal Your Emotions to Experience Vibrant Health

Through our whole person work with our Juice and Raw Foods Retreats, we have found that toxic emotions are as much a contribution to ill health as are environmental toxins. We’ve seen many people heal their body and soul by releasing emotions that have been making them sick.

We are very excited to let you know our dear friend Kari Browning will be lecturing at our upcoming October Retreat in Carefree, AZ. She currently facilitates seminars on “Releasing Toxic Emotions” and has developed an online course to train others in the technique she uses. She has a passion to see people become whole spirit, soul, and body. She just emailed me to say she has a new tool she is super excited about. It helps get to the root of issues very quickly. She said she’s been amazed at the level of breakthrough she’s seeing in people. :

I’ve personally experienced a session with Kari and can say she does excellent work in facilitating the release of emotions that are stuck in the soul. If you know my story of the burglar attack, forgiveness and releasing toxic emotions were a huge part of my healing.

Kari’s sessions have been life-changing for many people. Following are the topics she will address in her lecture:

  • How early childhood trauma affects us as adults
  • What to do when triggered – dealing with fight, flight, freeze survival patterns
  • Learning how to turn off the stress response
  • How we can heal our pain by releasing toxic emotions
  • Healing generational trauma and breaking generational patterns
  • How to go to a deep place of forgiveness towards yourself and others
  • Learning to love yourself and practice self-care
  • Rewiring your brain for joy

Kari is booking sessions in the free time at the retreat. You can sign up in advance if you wish. Her sessions are $100 for 1 1/2 hours.

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