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Energize Your Body and Soul

Energize Your Body and Soul

Do you want to go someplace you’ve never gone? I’m going! Do you want to go with me? 


On New Year’s Day in my mind’s eye I was standing beside the Great Eagle. It was a craggy, wild mountain peak, like one depicted in the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings. The eagle was screaming, the fog swirling in the wind. The Eagle was about to fly. I can go with him if I choose. It won’t be easy. There are things I need to give up…things I need to embrace…to fly this high. I’m ready for ELEVATION!! I know it will cost something, more than it ever has. A part of my soul is scared, a part is exhilarated. But the cost of running with the turkeys in the valley is far greater. I’m going with a leap of faith! How about you? 

Old cycles are ending and new ones are beginning. What I know is that I can’t go to the next level with toxins slowing me down. None of us can. It’s time to let go of all toxins—toxic people, toxic thoughts, toxic emotions, physical toxins that clog our cells and tissue spaces. Do you want to join me in the year of Elevation… the year of Breakthrough? You can make 2018 your best year yet.

I’m starting the 30-Day Detox on Monday the 15th. I’ve ordered my cleanse kit. What I know is that when I remove toxins from my body, I also remove toxins from my soul. We are a whole being—what affects one part of our life actually affects it all. Just watch. Cleanse your body and your whole life begins to change. January is the perfect time to cleanse. With your new resolutions to live healthier and a more vibrantly energetic life, it’s time to detox.

Do you want to join me?  Sign up for the 30-Day Detox and get your Internal Cleanse Kit with the Free Colon Cleanse Kit. This is the best cleanse I’ve ever used. Don’t be fooled by the quick and easy detox kits. They are lightweight. They don’t get the job done.

Are You Toxic? Find out. Take the Toxicity Quiz. If you stack up even a few points, I recommend you detox your body.



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