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How to Get Rid of Floaters in the Eyes

People often ask me if there is anything they can do about floaters.  Many times they have been told there is no hope for this condition.  This is not true.  I once had so many floaters that on a sunny day the various shapes floating by reminded me of a star-studded night.  I have totally cured myself. Here’s what you can do to improve your eye health:

Eating foods and drinking juices rich in antioxidants is a good home remedy for floaters. Foods rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene, and E are the best sources of antioxidants. Juice carrots, dark leafy greens, lemon, all other brightly colored vegetables.

Taurine (an amino acid)
Taurine, an essential amino acid, is a natural cure for floaters as it maintains the function of the retina. Since this nutrient is not synthesized by the human body, taurine must be obtained from food sources or supplements. Taurine is found in most muscle meat.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids:
Hemp oil is believed to be one of the best home remedies for floaters. It is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, which have protective properties against retinal diseases.  Omega 3 fatty acids are also found in fish, fish oil, walnuts and wheat germ.

Serrapeptase Enzyme
Serrapeptase enzyme is an effective natural cure for eye floaters. It digests the debris, blood clots and dead tissues that cause the floaters.


  1. What can be used instead of dandelions? I have allergies to this weed/plant.

    • The list of the supplements and juice recommendations are there in my blog article on eye floaters. Mine went away. Start juicing and taking the supplements. Give it time. It takes at least 3 months for things to turn around in your body.

      • Christine

        I drink lots of green juices and have a very good diet. Yet I just got another vitreous floater. I am starting to apply frankincense essential oil around my left eye with the hopes that this will clear it up. I had one in my right eye around seven years ago and it has cleared up a lot but not completely but it doesn’t bother me. I don’t understand why I got another one. I’m 62 so maybe that helps explain things. I’d also like to know if micro-currents would be useful for floaters and flashes.

        • Supplemental nutrients can be helpful along with juicing. Avoid sweets. I have an article on my blog.

          • Christine

            I avoid sweets and use stevia if I have a cup of tea. I hear that floaters are caused by debris in the vitreous but I’m also told that it is the separation of the vitreous humor away from the retina that causes a shadow and that is the floater. And that the flashes are the tractioning of the vitreous on the retina. So which is it? In any case I’m totally willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of these things. I have been juicing since 1985 and before, and rarely, if ever, eat junk. And I exercise a lot. So I can’t understand why I got a new floater! I just read yesterday that Ningxia Red Juice from an essential oil company is very rich in zeaxanthine and leutein, and that astazanthin is very protective of the retina. I’m doign it all. I’m also going to research the possibility of using micro-currents and auriculotherapy for these floaters. How big a role do you think emotional stress plays with floaters?

          • l r saluja

            i am 72 yrs and taking steriods

            since 1991 necessiatd due to brain tumour surgery 1n 1976

            and having floaters in right eyefor more then 3 yrs.kindly suggest rsmedy

          • It’s juicing and supplements. I’ve posted this on two blogs. Happy juicing!

      • Stephanie Noname

        Cherie, your floaters probably went away because yours were due to a posterior vitreous detachment. This is something that happens to everyone eventually with age. A PVD can indeed suddenly kick up a bunch of floaters, but once the vitreous separates from the retina, the vitreous moves anterior (forward) in the eye. There, the shadows cast on the retina by the vitreous aren’t as dark and BOOM you won’t see the floaters anymore.

        • I don’t think that is what happened for me. I had floaters ever since I can remember. As a young child, I’d lie in the grass in the summer and try to count them. I had scores of them. I had them all through adulthood until I juiced for years on a continuous basis and then started taking taurine and enzymes. One sunny day, a few years ago, I realized they were gone. Now, other people are sharing with me similar stories. I know this is the program that helped my eyes heal.

          • Stephanie Noname

            I respect that. Just keep in mind that your site might be misleading people with truly severe, visually debilitating floaters. I’m talking about floaters that are dense, numerous, black, and constantly invading the central visual field. These floaters are visible ALL the time, not just when looking at the sky. These are due to permanent, irreversible degeneration of the vitreous.

      • I’ve been using hemp oil, coconut oil (cold pressed/unrefined), vitamin c (1000mg), Serrapeptase, taurine, GNC Eye Health supplement, lutein, Life Extension Two-A-Day, and drink ample amounts of green tea, daily detox tea, distilled water. I’ve been doing this for 2 years naturally. Woke up one day and discovered 17 new floaters on top of the 2 I originally had since I was a teenager.

        They’re not small either. There’s huge entanglements, clusters, bulbs, stringlike patterns, wormlike patterns, shadows, specks, branches, and all kinds of unique life inhabiting my eyes. I’m positive it’s bacteria and fungus related.

        They will not go away no matter how many supplements, oils, tinctures I put into my body. I eat healthy and never stop exercising. Nothing works… at least not for me.

        I also see flashes (blue/white/black,) and synapses of light behind my closed eyelids.

        I’m sure much of it is caused by the 4 tick bites I received in the last year-and-a-half. I guarantee it.

        Don’t know what to do anymore.

        • You could try doing a fresh vegetable juice fast for 3 days. I do believe that vegetable juicing did the most good for my eyes.

      • can I juice antioxidants and just take hemp oil

        • You can juice vegetables high in antioxidants. Hemp oil is good for omega 3 fats.

    • I don’t know of anything to replace dandelion. Just omit it.

    • Same here so I used: 1 tablespoon daily of flax oil (buy it in a glass bottle in health food stores or even some grocery stores),
      a handful of spinach & also kale daily. A few dried cranberries daily. This all drastically reduced floaters. (The floaters dissolve in the flax oil because oil breaks them down. I found the larger floater becamea ‘mist’ of what looked like dots & was then gone. All I endured was cloudier vision in the one eye for 1 day as the floaters de-constructed themselves, dissolved smaller and smaller.) Good luck to you. ps: Also drink enough water daily, very important. *The spinach, kale, cranberry idea all came from an eye-health book I read at the optomotrists; can’t remember name of title.)

      • How long did it take for the floaters to disappear completely?

        • It took years for my floaters to disappear. But the situation gradually got better and better. As my eye health improved, I noticed them less and less until today I rarely see any.

  2. just stopped by and try your method on eye flaoters. . . thanks so much, Donald

  3. Rebekah LaSala

    May 1st, 2013
    Dear Cherie,
    I have about 20 eye floaters in each eye at least. I have one Retinal Specialist who tells me they are Vitreous Floaters and I will have them forever, and a Neuroopthamologist who tells me that they are “Visual Snow” and they are coming from the Visual Cortex of my brain. It angers me that there is VERY LITTLE SUPPORT OR RESEARCH for Visual Snow and Eye Floaters. I am upset about this and the fact that doctors do not seem to really care about the horrible effects it can have on a person.
    At this juncture, to deal with them very day is mentally crippling and very, very difficult to handle and deal with. I keep looking up information every week and just found your website. Can you tell me how and why the supplements you said help eye floaters work? If I take Omega 3 and Taurine consistenly, will my eye floaters go away>? What do you think?
    I have tinted lenses in clear glasses since I cannot wear sunglasses at work, and they do not get rid of the floaters.
    I am 40 years old and I want to know I can live into the future with these and my vision has been tested…numerous times, and I have been tested for Retinal Detachment. I am just asking for your advice, and your feedback.


    Rebekah LaSala

    • Rebeakah, Follow the recommendations in my blog for eye floaters. Juice and take the supplements. Mine went away. I don’t know how long it took. I just know one day they were gone.

      • What are the dosages for the items you listed? Taurine and Serrapeptase particularly and the milk thistle.

        • You should follow the suggested dosage on the label.

      • I also have eye floaters. Although they are a lot less than before. My eye doctor recommended Ocuvite tablets because macular degeneration is in the family. I have been taking it for some months and like you I just realized one day they are barely noticeable any more.
        Don’t know for sure if it’s the vitamins in the Ocuvite or not.

      • i eat very healthy and supplement. i got a floater and my eye doctor told me that they can just dissapear. he said it’s usually about 6 months. mine haven’t though. it’s very annoying.

        • I got rid of mine through juicing and supplements. I have written a couple of blogs on what I did.

    • Dr Bob Marshall states also that using bad oils and eating food with bad oils. Stop oils and try the supplement juicing with it .

  4. How long did it take to get rid of the floaters after you had been on the supplements and ate healthy?

    • Cherie

      I don’t know exactly how long it took. I just realized one day they were all gone.

      • I just don’t know how long. I just realized one day the floaters were completely gone. I’d had them since childhood.

  5. where can i get the Serrapeptase enzyme?

    • You can order them on line. I think Living Strong has them.


    Each time I have drops put into my eyes at the opticians the floaters I am left with in my eyes become worse. I don’t know if they move more in to my central vision line, multiply or what, maybe the solutions used have an affect i’m afraid to have them again. I already suffer with sever depression and it brings you down so much. I wish the medical profession looked into it more, I pray to god this works for me will try thank you.

    • Though I can’t promise results, this is what worked for me. But it takes time. I don’t know how long it took for me. This became my way of life. One day I realized I no longer had floaters.

  7. I could not find Taurine and Serrapeptase Enzyme in any of the vegan sources. I want to take these nutrients in their natural form (vegan) rather than going for supplements or meat. Do you think they are available in vegan sources?

  8. Ok Then I will take them as supplements. Can you please suggest any particular brand for Taurine and Serrapeptase Enzyme that you think are effective

  9. Hayley w

    I have had eye floaters for about 3 month now they seem to be worse when i wake up what will get rid ov them naturally as i have not aot of money i would appriciate it if anybody could help i went to the doctors and he said they where tearducks floating past

    • I have a whole program on eye floaters. Read that blog on my website. I also posted it on my Facebook bus pg.

  10. bernadette taylor

    how should I sleep to help with my eyefloaters and what brand supplements is best for eye floaters?

    • I have a blog on eye floaters and the protocol on my website blog. Page back; it’s back a ways.

  11. I read your post and understand your frustration. I too have floaters and am very frustrated that doctors don’t really seem to care. But I did find the Vegan source…it’s called Veganzyme.. the website is globalhealingcenter.com. Hope this helps.



  13. Jennalyn


    Thanks for your info about eye floaters,,, I just have it recently about a month.

    I had retina tear and undergone laser treatment, but the floaters are still in my right eye. Its annoying for me since my work require a lot of exposure in front of the computer.

    I couldn’t find your whole program for eye floaters,, hope you can help me as it really affects my way of life now or am I not just adjusted on this new things I have.

    Thanks and Regards,,,

    • How to Get Rid of Floaters in the Eyes
      People often ask me if there is anything they can do about floaters. Many times they have been told there is no hope for this condition. This is not true. I once had so many floaters that on a sunny day the various shapes floating by reminded me of a star-studded night. I have totally cured myself. Here’s what you can do to improve your eye health:
      Eating foods and drinking juices rich in antioxidants is a good home remedy for floaters. Foods rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene, and E are the best sources of antioxidants. Juice carrots, dark leafy greens, lemon, all other brightly colored vegetables.
      Taurine (an amino acid)
      Taurine, an essential amino acid, is a natural cure for floaters as it maintains the function of the retina. Since this nutrient is not synthesized by the human body, taurine must be obtained from food sources or supplements. Taurine is found in most muscle meat.
      Omega 3 Fatty Acids:
      Hemp oil is believed to be one of the best home remedies for floaters. It is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, which have protective properties against retinal diseases. Omega 3 fatty acids are also found in fish, fish oil, walnuts and wheat germ.
      Serrapeptase Enzyme
      Serrapeptase enzyme is an effective natural cure for eye floaters. It digests the debris, blood clots and dead tissues that cause the floaters.

      • I’ve been on Serrapeptase for a year and i’ve still got the floaters. My sight appears to be deteriorating even with Lutein.
        Going to try something else but these two aren’t working for me sadly.

        • You need to drink at least 3 glasses of vegetable juice per day. Make at least one juice a green drink.

  14. I don’t know of anything to replace dandelion. You’ll just have to omit it.

  15. just wondered last week when I suddenly realize that there is something like a small tiny insect may be lying in my eyes, so I wash so many time my eye and later on consulted to doctor , then I realized that it is a eye floater . Since then I am worried about it. I saw this at the net.
    I find your article good and informative and generate hope to me
    Now can I request you to please and please give us the all possible source to get the required vitamin and indamines required to cure it.
    And please keep in mind for the all type of geographical location also, like I am in India and vegetarian so from where I may get these required.

    1. Vitamin C, beta-carotene, and E : Source and fruit to get it. Juice carrots, dark leafy greens, lemon, all other brightly colored vegetables.
    2. Taurine, an essential amino acid—source/fruit to get it as I am vegetarian , so list me from where I may get it.
    Omega 3 Fatty Acids: source to get it , list of fruit ? Hemp oil? Pl clears it

    and please keep in mind for the all type of geographical location also , Like I am in India and vegeterian so from where I may get these required.

    1. vitamin C, beta-carotene, and E : Souce and fruit to get it. Juice carrots, dark leafy greens, lemon, all other brightly colored vegetables.
    2.Taurine, an essential amino acid—source/fruit to get it as I am vegeterian , solist me from where I may get it.
    Omega 3 Fatty Acids : source to get it , list of fruit ? hemp oil ? pl clear it
    Serrapeptase Enzyme : source list please
    please reply me at my email also.
    I am hopefull to you.
    And answer that does its reate affect by seeing TV OR USING NET .

    • I don’t have a source for these supplements. You can find them on line and order that way.

    • Dear Pradeep

      My daughter is also facing the floaters problem. All her medical tests like retinal test, MRI, EEG, Ophtolmological tests say everything is normal. I wish to know what kind of treatment you are using. We are also vegetarians.
      Right now she is doing medicins from a neurologist and practicing Sudarshana kriya. Underwent deoxidation eye treatment in AOL.


    • Hi Pradeep,
      This is Mohan here, facing lot of eye floaters problem. did u get cleared on this floaters. pls. provide information if u using any suppliments.or pls. get back with my E-Mail ID.

      thanks & regards,

      • All my eye floaters are gone. I believe it was veggie juicing and taurine that made the difference.

  16. Jonathan

    I’m curious to know what amounts of the supplements (taurine, hemp oil, and serrapeptase) you recommend or at least the amount you took to get rid of your floaters? I’ve been battling them for over 40 years and so far no luck. Thanks.

    • I take 6 capsules of taurine per day, but that is based on my needs according to my urinalysis test. I would recommend getting that before you take them. I take cod liver oil–1 Tbsp a day. I take Ness Formula enzymes #4 and 16 after meals.

  17. Jonathan

    OK, thanks Cherie. Regarding a urinalysis test– what besides taurine levels should I be tested for? I would guess that a deficiency in any number of things might contribute to floater formation.

  18. How many capsules of serrapeptase enzymes should you take because im only 20 and i have bad floaters? Please Help Thank You

  19. I believe as a Nutritionist that eye floaters are some excess fluid or debris from toxins in our eyes. We need to get the chemicals out of our homes and our bodies. Use safer and healthier products on us. Need to eat healthier foods to keep our body stronger. We should all take antioxidants like Vit C, E, Selenium, beta carotein etc. One product called L-cysteine is so important to increase our glutathione in our liver (a master antioxidant). Also take things to detox our body like greens or chlorophyll on a daily basis.
    If the body gets to toxic then there is room for sickness etc.

    Just a few things to think about.

  20. Cherie, could you please send us (write down here below my post) link to the program, because I cannot find it at all.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    • The program is in the archives of my blog. You just have to page down until you come to it.

  21. Hi Cherie, I’m 30 years old and have recently become aware of a surprisingly large amount of floaters in both my eyes. I have seen my eye doctor and he has told me there is nothing wrong with my eyes and to just get used to them. It has really become a major issue as I am always aware of them and have a hard time ignoring all these black speaks darting around my eyes. I came across your blog on eye floaters and was very interested in trying these methods. I wanted to ask you a little about your experience with eye floaters. Do you feel that the floaters that you had have completely resolved themselves or are they still there and you are just less aware of them at this point? Were your original floaters black dots with squiggly areas or clear and crystalline? Have you had any new floaters develop or do you feel that you have completely cured yourself? Please give me as much insight as you can, I am very upset with my condition and would love to hear more about your treatment and recovery. Thanks so much! Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Yes, the floaters are completely gone. I had some of everything you mentioned. No new ones. . . .all gone. Follow the suggestions in my blog article and juice a lot of veggies each day.

  22. Hi,
    I just came across your article and was wondering what receipes you use for juicing?
    My doctor was surprised at how many floaters I have in my eyes. Sometimes it is hard to read, and I need to read a lot for work.
    Thank you for your website.

    • I have an article on Floaters on my blog with the program. Juice veggies–all are good.

  23. Hi Cherie,

    How many floaters did you have? Were they dark or light? How long did it take you to eliminate them?

    • I had many floaters–too many to count–all light in various shapes and sizes. I don’t know how long it took. I just realized one day they were all gone.

  24. May I ask if your floaters completely disappeared or did you stop noticing them completely?It seems like a lot of supplements that you took to get rid of something the nerves within the brain adapts to and often becomes used to. I have had floaters for a few years and there will be long periods of time when I won’t notice them at all.Then other times I will notice that perhaps they have increased or changed shape but for me it’s worse when I am ill or stressed. I have eye exercises that I do that seem to help in keeping the problem at bay. I am just concerned about the amount of supplements you are saying has cured you of floaters:seeing as not everyone’s body needs so many supplements.I am always concerned about medication, vitamins or supplements that are advised to be taken that not all people’s bodies will need.This is something that needs to be pointed out, because giving the body something it might not need might do more harm than good in the long term. Also I have read that in some cases in which the eye floaters are perceived to be worse or have increased are due to white blood cells in the vitreous from inflammation or infection, appropriate anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotics will reduce the number of white blood cells.So if anyone experiences a severe increase in floaters and relaxation exercises do not help then I would advise seeing a Doctor, in the very least because of possible retinal tear, that could mean loss of sight if not tackled asap.Supplements should always be taken depending on what the body needs and not because someone claims it has rid them of floaters.

    • My floaters have disappeared completely. You could try juicing veggies and taking enzymes. See if this helps you.

  25. I am on the blog and looking for some of the juicing recipes you used for floaters, but cannot find them. I just find the article.

    • Use any of my vegetable juice recipes. I have many on my website.

  26. I purchased Taurine and Hemp Oil this afternoon. I am praying it will work. Can you give me your recommended dosage of each?

    • I just saw this question. Start with 1-2 tsp. You should also juice veggies–at least 2 glasses a day, avoid all sweets, and take digestive enzymes.

  27. How much hemp oil per day?

  28. Eye floaters. I will take the 1-2 tbsp of hemp oil. How much Taurine? I purchased 500mg tablets. I’m noticing more floaters each day.

    • start with 1 tablet a day. But you also need to juice lots of vegetables.

  29. Hi. I too am very upset with my condition. Did you try any of these things? I’m desperate. I’m drinking hemp oil and taking taurine.

  30. Rebekah, I understand totally what you are saying, In my experience and research, floaters do not go away. They will diminish…but they will still be there and remain a bother. A year ago while on the computer at work, I experienced a HUGE floater. After 6 months, I underwent a eye surgery called, “25-gauge suture less vitrectomy surgery”. Recovery time was a mere 3 days… no pain… no discomfort. I was told by my doctor that I may have the same happen in my right eye. Yep, it happened less than a year later. So, I’ll have the surgery on the right eye very soon. I hope this information helps you.


    • Mine have completely gone away.

      • I will start taking the supplements you recommend I he and pray they work. It’s beginning to make things hard to see so i am pretty desperate. . Thanks much for your advice!

  31. Hi Cherie,

    Can you please tell us what is the best Juice Recipe for curing eye floaters because there are about 7 to 8 Recipes of yours. I want one recipe which I can take everyday

    I also found out that Goat Milk has Taurine in it if someone does not want to take supplements

  32. Hi cherie .
    When you first Floater formed how much time it take for others to formed and which type of floaters you had .

  33. Cherie, great recommendations. I have suffered from really bad floaters for a lot time and was able to cure mine as well. It is a great relief. Thanks for spreading the good word.

    • Ron how bad was your floater to start with and what part of cherie’s protocol did you follow and how long did it take to get rid of the floaters.

    • Did you just juice or take supplements as well. How long before you saw improvement 🙂

      • I did both. I have no idea how long it took. It just dawned on me one day that all floaters were gone.

  34. Nice to hear from you Ms cherie and these recommendations are helpful could you please tell me that would you see floaters like smoke or like clouds i have lots of them and its changing its shape it not the same is that because of loosen blood cells or maybe small hemmorhage or its is the protein collapsed floater.
    could you please add this also how much time it took for you to recover 1 year 2 years or maybe more than that
    THanks cherie for you cooperation .

    • I had various shapes and sizes of floaters. I’m not sure how long it took for me to get rid of them. I just noticed one day that they were gone. I’d had them since childhood. It was the great juicing program, along with diet and supplements (all noted in my blog) that cured this.


    • follow the juicing and dietary/supplement program I’ve given in my blog on floaters

  36. cheri please replay iam waiting for your comment thanks

  37. cherie please replay iam waiting for your comment thanks

  38. Hi Cherie,

    Can I use blender instead of a juicer? Would pulp in addition to juice add more benefits? Can you please give some insights on this?

  39. What’s the link to the blog? Can someone post it please? I can’t seem to find it

  40. Has anyone else than Cherie noticed any improvement from this plan??

    Pleas post if noted.

  41. Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.

  42. cherie there is a book name eye floater no more by daneil brown how about that do you know anything about that its scam or it will work

    • I don’t know about that book but I do know that I got rid of floaters with juicing and cleansing. I posted my regimen in a blog on my site. You’ll need to page through the blog posts; it’s back a ways.

  43. Hi , i would like to say a very warm thank you for sharing this information. I started 7 day’s ago and my floatters are 80% gone and the one remaining are hardly visible. My situation was very bad ( over 50 in one eye) and almost too nice to be true after all these years suffering but it does really help. Everyone that has this problem dream about going outside without sunglasses perform normal activities like before. I don’t have words to describe the feeling it gives you the first day you realize the floatters are gone but i wish everyone with this problem can experience it, it feel great ! Thanks Cherie , you did change my life .

    • Dominic, I’m trilled with you that your floaters are gone. I know the feeling. . . the day you look into the sun and realize that all the floaters are gone. It’s an amazing, joyous feeling. Thank you for sharing your story. I know it will encourage others who think it will never happen for them. Doctors tell people they can never, ever get rid of them. Blessings, Cherie

    • Takis asimako

      Hi Dominic,
      What kind of dietary did you follow ?


      • I posted everything in my article on eye floaters on my blog.


    The eye doctor diagnosed me with

    Posterior Vitreous Detachment and

    said the little “snow” size

    floaters will disappear in 3 weeks,

    but “You better get used to the big

    floaters”. He also said there is

    NOTHING I could have done, to

    prevent the detachment from

    happening. I DONT believe that.

    Theres a reason why it happened,

    and a reason why it DIDNT happen,

    all the years of my life, until

    now. He says its part of he
    natural aging process. He has poor reasoning. I




    PREVENT IT? I realize that some vitamins
    etc, could be worthless. The doctor
    says no, but I suspect that some

    kind of trauma to my eye, caused

    this. Not a direct hit, but very

    vigorous weight lifting, for example, and

    physical hits to the body in

    general, not necessarly the eye,
    but stress and jarring, to the upper part of the body,
    may have caused it. I did medical

    research for years, and
    for every illness, there is

    someone, somewhere, who knows how

    to cure (not treat) it. I

    never did any research about

    floaters, but I did research, for numerous
    OTHER diseases, that doctors say
    are incurable, but actually are very curable.
    That is a fact. I will say it again–
    that is a fact. Please assist me, and maybe
    I can help YOU, with what YOU suffer from.
    God Bless You.

    • I got rid of eye floaters by juicing and supplements. Read my blog article about floaters–the program is listed there.

  45. I have been using your recommended remedy to treat eye floaters. I understand that you don’t exactly know how long it took but was it more like days, weeks, months? I have not seen any improvement for the past 6 weeks now and was wondering if this too soon to judge or should i still have some hope. please let me know your thoughts.

    • I think that is too soon. It takes 3 months for your body to really turn around. I had floaters for years. It was just one day I noticed they were gone and never came back.

  46. Hi did you check your eyes at an opthamologist when you had the floaters and after they are gone? If so, did the opthamologist tell you if your vitreous became gel -like again? Floaters usually appear when the vitrous gel-like material filling the eye starts to liquify and that is when the debris start showing as floaters.

    • I did not have my eyes checked. I have noticed they aren’t there any longer. I look into the sun and nothing. Out the window, , , , nothing. That is when I would notice them. They’ve been gone now for several years.

  47. Can you please write to us the dosages of the supplements you have been taking , how many times a day and for how many days/weeks/months plus the specific juice you were having loads of. I am thinking it must be a certain juice mixture plus a particular supplement and the combination of both is what actually dissolved the floaters. I had a slight concern about the long term side effect of the serrapeptase enzyme reading the reviews of people who used it. Most people said it was good, but none indicated removal of floaters and someone said it actually increased the size of her fibroid. Pls give us your feedback. Many thanks.

    • Just follow the dosage instructions on the label. I juiced a variety of veggies including cucumber, celery, carrot, greens like chard or kale, lemon, and ginger. Not sure what exactly healed my eyes. I think the juice did the most good. You don’t need to take serrapephase long term. . . maybe not at all. Do everything else though.

  48. Hi, Do u still take the supplements after floaters are gone?

    • I still take most of the supplements and juice everyday. I think juicing makes the most difference.

  49. Hi Cherie

    Where can I buy or what exactly “Serrapeptase ensyme” should i use, i have many floaters now in 16 years and want to fight for them to be cleared.

  50. Hi.

    I have tried all the recommended nutrients, plus others, to no avail.

    By the way, where is the blog on eye floaters which you keep referring to?


    • You will need to go back in the articles on my blog. It was several months ago. The supplements aren’t the most important part of the plan. Juicing veggies every day is the most important factor. Drink lots of fresh veggie juice.


  52. hi,
    i just started your juicing diet and supplements a week ago i know i won’t see any noticeable improvement now but i just wanted to know can i really get rid of those floaters ??
    im 22, i got them only a few months ago by chance after a friend told me about someone who’s suffering from floaters! and then i stupidly started to look for them in my eyes and i tended to look at the bright things and i developed anxiety i see them in front of me all the time now 🙁 so is true i can get rid of them? i don’t care how long dose it take to get rid of them, i just want to know that i really can:/

  53. Hello guys…
    i am 18 and i have a little floaters in my left eye.. I had visited my opthalamologist and she told me that the jelly like substances covering my optic nerves had broken and got entrapped in my vitrous humour resulting in floaters.. I had queried about the posibility of surgery but she said it was a way too risky for my age.. As it was a period during my exams i had tried hard to find a solution,, atleast temperory. And i have come to find that using tinted glasses can prevent the floaters upto an extent.. I dont know if it works for all. But i think it is logically reasonable as tints reduce the intensity of light beams thereby reducing the intensity of floaters itself.. For permenant cure i’m going to follow this program in the blog and find out whether it works.. For cherie, how did u actually find out that u need such and such things to cure ur floaters without consulting a doc??

  54. Please find a site where what and how much should I drink juice to get rid of eye floaters, too. Can you put a link here? Thank you very much

  55. It seems I can’t use taurine. One of the side of effects of this medicine is not good for me since I have bipolar disorder. Cherie can I just take Serrapeptase hemp oil, beta carotene (antioxidant) instead?

    • Yes, and you can omit the taurine. Juicing veggies is the very best of the things you can do.

  56. Cherie I just came back from the doctor. And I told him I been seeing floaters. But here is what happened, the doctor told me that there was no retina tear in my eyes . But it amazes me how he said there were no tear, but I have been seeing floaters. My brain picks up on seeing floaters. For the doctor said floaters are normal and harmless, and that I wont be able to get rid of them. Could you tell me what should I do?

    • You can get floaters because I got rid of mine. I’ve had written about it twice on my blog with the juice and supplement program.

  57. Dear Cherie,

    I have read your blog article about the eye floaters cure and it gave me some hope that they would be gone one day.I got a question.Do you think it is possible to omit the taurine and the serrapeptase enzyme in the shown diet?Can I stick to supplying myself on antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids only?

    Thanks and Regards


  58. hi!

    i looked all through your blog, and did not find the recipe for eye floaters. the only article that comes up in the search is this one. can you just link to the post? a lot of people would love to know. thanks.

    • I have two articles in my blog on eye floaters, with a recipe as part of that.

  59. I really like it when folks come together and
    share views. Great blog, continue the good work!

  60. Hi Cherie. I had just bought a juicier (I’m ready to get rid of my floaters). Will juicing vegetables like spinach (dark leafy greens) and carrots (which has beta carotene) work without me having to take the supplements?

  61. Which juicing recipe do you recommend? Or all of them 🙂

  62. Which juicing recipe do you recommend for eye floaters? Or all of them 🙂

  63. Hi again, I posted the link to the recipe and it was not approved. I’m a professional in social media, and it looks like you don’t post the link because you want people to click around so you can get your page views, which in turn gets you more affiliates. Not cool at all. These people really want the help. I question the authenticity of your claim and this site simply based on that.

    • Excellent observation Rachel. Cherie’s silence to your post is also very informative of her motives.

      She claims that she had “floaters” but had never seen a vision professional. That is nonsense.

      Anyone (including myself) first afflicted with “floaters” will immediately seek medical help.

      Then after your doctor visit you scour the internet for the “cure” that you were told did not exist. Enter the opportunists like this website.

    • That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking – several requests for the info and she NEVER gives it. I can’t find it, you have but can’t post it… Seems fraudulent and deliberately misleading, so many people have to view all her posts. Only a liar would do this.

  64. Cherie Im finally taking the taurine supplement. And am juicing spinach and carrots and such. But I haven’t gotten the hemp oil and serepetase yet; but Im working on getting those pretty soon.

  65. Hi Cherie. I just found some amazing information on a website about floaters. Here’s my situation… I had a retina detachment 3 years ago. But over time my eye had improved over time, but what is bugging me now is that I have dead cells or dead tissues of floaters floating around inside my eye. What supplement can I take for this to get rid of old dead tissues of old floaters that are still floating around every time my eye moves?

  66. Can I just eat vegetables instead of using a juicer

  67. I’m going to juice carrots, spinach, lemons and oranges (will this do?). I will also order the supplements from vitamin shoppe. I will let you know how it goes. Is there anything else I should know? I know to drink the juice at least 3 times day and to follow the directions on the bottles. Also, will fish oil do instead of hemp oil?

  68. Shubham

    Cherie i bellieve in you, but unfortunately i am unable to get serrapeptase tablets in my country(india).
    I am a vegan so no taurin, hemp oil is my last source and juicing.
    What do you suggest?

    • Taurine can be found in vegan capsules. Otherwise juice and take hemp oil.

  69. Hi Cherie, the first comment to the Eye Floaters article is about dandelion greens. The article does not mention anything about dandelions. I am wondering if a part of it is missing? Do you somewhere provide an eye floater juice recipe? Thank you 🙂

    • I don’t have an eye floater juice recipe. Any of the vegetable juice recipes in my book are good. I do have a recipe with dandelion leaves in my juice book.

  70. Do you advise against having a cocktail while juicing and taking the supplements?
    Thanks in advance

  71. Thank you for your helpful site and juice recommendations! This supplement has Ophthalmologists’ support and seems quite promising for floater relief:

    VisiVite Dry Eye Relief For Floaters

    (The Website, above, is where I got VisiVite information
    and is NOT mine!!)

    • Thank you Janet. So glad you shared this product that helps.

  72. Hi Cherie, I still cant find the link to the blog for the recipe. Can you help?

    Also, has anybody successfully got rid of these floaters using the approach mentioned by Cherie?

    Thanks in advance

    • Several people have posted that this program is working. There isn’t a single recipe; it’s a lifestyle and program that includes veggie juicing and supplements. It’s posted on my blog twice.

  73. Cherie I need to ask you something. I heard if blood, cells or other byproducts of inflammation get into the vitreous, they will remain there unless removed surgically. Is this true? Is there any supplement I can take for inflammation in the vitreous of the eye?

    • I don’t know of a supplement specially for inflammation of the vitreous of the eye. However, ginger root is a proven anti-inflammatory. I would recommend juicing a lot of ginger with your veggie juices. Also, eat an anti-inflammatory diet.

  74. Cherie, thank you. It works. When all four are put together, it works. You are an amazing individual. May God continue to be in your heart and bless you beyond your own understanding.

    Thank you for sharing. Thank you for believing.

  75. I just talk to my natural doctor and he said that the reason why I am seeing floaters is that fluid has seeped underneath my retina and separated it from the back wall of my eye causing the retina to detach itself. He said I should cut back on drinking any kind of fluid. He said that these are one of the reasons why I am seeing floaters.

    Types of retinal detachment

    There are three ways that your retina can detach from the back of your eye.

    Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment

    This is the most common type of retinal detachment. It’s caused by a tear in your retina that allows fluid in your eye to seep underneath your retina and separate it from the back wall of your eye.

    Exudative retinal detachment

    If the blood vessels underneath your retina start to leak fluid, this can build up underneath your retina, and may push your retina off the back of your eye. There are many possible causes for this, such as inflammation of your eye

    Tractional retinal detachment

    Your retina and vitreous, which is the clear jelly-like fluid inside your eye, can become tightly stuck together. This happens as a result of an injury, inflammation or the abnormal growth of blood vessels (common in people with diabetes) in your eye. If the vitreous pulls at your retina or there is scarring on the surface, your retina may be pulled off the back of your eye.

    Cherie what can I take after hearing this horrifying news? Is there a supplement that can allow my retina to reattach itself again?

  76. Hello Cherie,

    I’m following everything you have advise, and it has been 9 days now since I have been taking serrapetase. I have dark floaters in my eyes, but now they are much smaller, and lighter the only thing that is bugging me is that I have been noticing lots more lighter floaters. Is this a normal thing that serrapetase do?

    Thanks for the advice!!

    • I don’t know about gaining more of the lighter floaters. I had a lot of light ones and just a few darker ones. They all eventually disappeared. Since you’re getting good results, I’d stick with the program. Hopefully, you’ll be free of them all one of these days.

      • Thank you for your quick response! I’m feeling optimistic with your plan. Today I have noticed on a bright white wall that my biggest floater is starting to break up, and another bigger floater became a tiny dot. I still have lots of smaller floaters, but I believe if the bigger floaters can get better so can the smaller ones. I’ll update any improvements in the future. I know it is going to take more time. Thanks again, Mary

  77. Thanks for all the info; much appreciated. I will suggest bromelain for enzyme supplement as well.

  78. Cherie, I want to know how exactly I should do it to get rid of my eye floaters.
    Wheres the blog that I can read and follow?

    • I have two blogs on floaters with the program. You’ll need to search for that.

  79. Hello Cherie!

    I have started drinking fruit and vegetable juices recently. I cannot say I can see any improvement with my floaters, but I feel better, more energetic. I hope it will work eventually.


  80. Hi, I too have floaters – where are the recipes etc. you mentioned on your blog, i can’t seem to find it. Thanks.

    • I posted the program for floaters twice on my blog. You will need to search for those. If you want more juice recipes, get my book The Juice Lady’s Big Book of Juices and Green Smoothies.

  81. what is your juice recipe for eye floaters

    • Karan, There is no “magic” juice recipe for eye floaters. It’s a whole program that includes vegetable juicing and supplements. I have two blogs that outline this program. You can get lots of juice recipes in my books.

  82. I developed floaters in the left eye 3 months ago after noticing flashing in that eye. A scary black floater appeared. Checked immediately with an eye doctor. Not a serious condition but he gave me little hope for improvement. Mentioned the brain gets used to that, and therefore the floaters become less annoying over time. That did not work for me. The black floater broke up in a handful of smaller bugs. I tried self medication. A generic CVS vitamin product for eye health copied from Bausch & Lomb and Niacin to stimulate peripheral blood circulation, in hope for cleansing. That may have caused a slight improvement, at least it did not appear to get worse, but still a lot of debris in the eye.

    Then I came across across an e-book called Diabetes Protokol/ Author Dr. Ken Pullman that promised not just to manage but actually a cure for the diabetes problem (I have that problem too) by mild lifestyle change starting with a 19 day detox/ cleansing period.

    Unbelievably, the cleansing agents are virtually six commonly available inexpensive ingredients from your pantry dissolved/ suspended in water and taken every day first thing in the morning. My floater condition went from being a nuisance to hardly perceptible WITHIN A WEEK. If you are interested, please look the ingredients up at the source (google). Interesting read BTW. I dont want to risk a lawsuit for copyright infringement.

    Side effect, the detox solution is also a relaxant.

    • I got rid of floaters as well. I’d be interested in the website. Can you copy that and post here for me?

  83. You are welcome. The link is.


    I think its worth a try.

  84. Hi, I have floaters.. i just noticed it a month ago and it gone, then just this week I noticed it again. I had check it with EENT and he sad it’s a symptoms of hyperthyroidsm. So I have to check my blood if I have hyperthyroidsm before he finally give medications. I hope with this juicing, my floaters will gone.

    Thanks for the infos and God bless.

  85. It really helps? I have a lot of floating flies 🙁

  86. hi there

    I am going to order

    Serrapeptase 80.000iu (Enteric Coating)
    Taurine 500 mg Vegetable Capsules

    may I ask what is the recommended amount? shall I go for what the bottle says? I just have one floater, quite mild.

    many thanks,

  87. Juice and fruit never take away eye floaters. it’s just FOV that removes eye floaters. there are no medicines and everything is wasted money.

  88. Recent information, published from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and based, on more than a decades analysis, shows that death, from reasons associated with Hypertension, are sad to say climbing materially. One possibly encouraging portion of much wider researching, points to the important role beetroot juice could play, in assisting to better control of blood pressure. It may be a life saver for you to be mindful of this research and I’m very happy to present this data to you.

  89. i have a large dark spot at the left eye, it’s very annoying and distracting.

    do Serrapeptase Enzyme and taurine really helps clearing floaters?

    do you have any websites that i can order some of these supplements, i have tried search online, but too many results, don’t know which is which….

    thanks for your help!

    • The large dark spot might also be a parasite. I had 3 parasites in my eye. When I did a para cleanse, they all disappeared. I don’t know which company is best of the supplements, but I do know you can order them on line.

      • How to know if it’s parasite or not? do see a eye doctor can determine this? and what is para cleanse, and how can i do it?

        • I only saw the large dark spots when a couple of them died while I was doing a parasite cleanse. Very few docs are trained to recognize parasites. I don’t know that is what it is though. It might be a floater. I’ve read that some of them are dark. But doing a parasite cleanse with the herbs won’t in any way hurt you. And if you have parasites, it will kill them off. The Para Cleanse I used is what I offer on my website. It does work quite well. I had to do about 5 rounds to get rid of them all in different parts of my body.

  90. hi,

    I am taking Serrapeptase and Taurine – recommended those on the label, 1x Serrapeptase 80,000IU in the morning and 1x taurine 500mg in the morning in between meals + wheatgrass organic drink for breakfast, I juice vegetables sometimes but not regularly.

    so far I am at 2 months and 2 weeks, I have just one floater and I cannot really tell if is getting better, it seems a LITTLE more “grey” and less “black” and annoying, which is good.

    shall I keep going until, say 3 months then have a break? any tips?


  91. For years of this post Cherie you never give a direct answer. you never post the link to the specific blog. Can you say SHYSTER? Pathetic way to get people to go through your articles – and no one ever finds the article…

  92. I cannot get on your trackbacks/pingbacks. Where are the testimonials for floater relief on your site? I cannot find any. I have tried your supplements and juicing for almost 2 years, no relief at all. Where are the people who are getting results? Not on your site.

  93. Hi Cherie,

    I have been doing the juicing and supplements (including eyebright extract) for about a week now but I have noticed that some of the clear floaters look darker around the edges. I’m a little surprised because this happened quite suddenly once I started juicing. Is this due to a release of toxins trying to escape from my body detoxing?

    Thank you.

    • Mandy, this is an interesting symptom. I have not heard of this before. But you are doing the right things by increasing your intake of vegetables and fruit through juicing and taking the extract for eyes. I think you’ll see good results over time.

  94. Cherie, do you eat gluten? Do you mostly eat fruits and vegetables? Also, which of these supplements do you think did the most good?

    • Sarah, I don’t eat gluten. I have seen it cause a number of problems for people. I eat a lot of vegetables and a small amount of fruit. The supplements that I’ve found most helpful are digestive enzymes Ness #4 and 16 and the amino acid taurine. Take according to directions.

  95. Hey Cherie, please tell me your trusted, because I’m 12, and I have eye floaters. How much should I take of each of the supplements? Can you give me the link?

    • You should take supplements according to the directions. The very best thing you can do is to juice fresh vegetables. I’m convinced this is what helped me.

  96. Where on this page does it mention dandelions? Can you please link the two blogs that talk about this in more depth?

    • Dandelions are great for cleansing the liver. They are also very rich in minerals and other nutrients that are good for the eyes.

  97. i am 16 and affected by floaters…can u plz help me…

    • Gunjan,
      I am convinced that I got rid of my floaters by drinking lots of fresh vegetable juice and having green smoothies for breakfast.

  98. where are the smoothie recipes?

    • Jacqui, I have over 400 juice and smoothie recipes in my book The Juice Lady’s Big Book of Juices and Green Smoothies

  99. Hi Cherie, I just found this site about a doctor that can get rid of floats. His name is Dr. Geller from Fort Myers, Florida. He does eye laser treatment. http://www.vitreousfloaters.com/ I hope this helps 🙂

  100. Hi Cherrie, how bad was your floaters to start with? Are they the translucent type or the black dark floaters? I have black grey cobweb floaters (they are all connected together to form a cobweb – with certain parts being dark). Do you have these? I found that people who had floaters from young – their floaters are the translucent type and only transparent looking at white or blue background. For people with dark floaters – we seem them all the time and it’s annoying. Please let us know re your floaters type. Also, when you said your floaters are gone, did you move your eyes/head and you can’t see them? I noticed floaters usually sink below the line of vision but once we move the eyes/head, they move back up to the field of vision. Thanks.

    • My floaters were translucent–all sorts of shapes, small to large. I had mine as a child.Yes, I move my eyes and head and can’t see them any more.They are gone.

  101. Barb Steiner

    Hello.. Just saw you on utube with Sid Roth and since I cannot afford your package you were offering can you tell me if eating a plant based diet is good verses juicing? I am 70 lbs over weight and deal with many health issues.. I love Jesus and want to be my best for him… Thank you so much… Loved your testimony
    In Jesus,

    • Hi Barb,
      A plant-based diet is good, but does not compare with juicing.

  102. What on earth is “Serrapeptase Enzyme”? How do we get hold of this please?

    • It’s an enzyme supplement you can order on line.

  103. Hi, I would like to subscribe for this webpage to obtain most recent updates, thus where can i do it please help.

    Also visit my site: RubieLGrinie

  104. hi my name is june aaron im 15 years old and I have floater and benn have the for 3 years and having surgery its hard to see because the floater have been blocknig my ision and that when I look at my book with words on it the floater get In the way my floaters now look like a he giant circle plz send my a message on my account for some imformation and plz forgive BOUT IM WRIGHTING AND IT MESSY and plz send a message to me at aaron.lapus19@gmail.com thank you for the im for mathion I will be waitig for your reply

  105. There is hope for eye floaters. I got rid of mine.

  106. May I ask how? What did you take, and for how long?

    I’ve been taking a cocktail of recommended supplements – vitamins, minerals, herbs – and nothing so far. 🙁

  107. Juicing and taurine. I followed my own Anti-Inflammation Diet.

  108. Hi,

    You have to STOP eating any food except RAW FOOD, and then you’ll see changes. Your organism needs to cleanse!

  109. Hi Cherie,

    I have been reading your responses to these desparate people. I think over a three year span, but I have not seen any testemonials at all??? Is there a happy ending for any of your followers? unless I am blind, could you name someone who was cured by your diet in this blog? I am not a negative person, but I beleive in logic.

  110. There are many testimonials on my website. Take a look there. http://www.juiceladycherie.com

  111. where? I just looked at your site? do you have a link to success eye floater story please?

  112. cannot get on the pingbacks. Where are the testimonials specifically?

  113. there is hope.


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