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Father’s Day Juicer Giveaway Winner!

Hi Cherie, I’m so excited you have invited me to enter my dad in this contest. There’s so much to share about my dad, Edwardo. I guess you can say I appointed myself his caregiver as his eldest daughter. My dad will be celebrating his 80th birthday this year on August 25th. He’s a colon cancer survivor so it’s extremely important I feed him foods that will keep his colon clean. I’m a breast cancer survivor so my health is also important. My dad lost most of his teeth and the few that are left are decaying so he can not enjoy whole fruits and vegetables in their raw state. I have to cook them so much that they turn to mush but, it’s the only way to incorporate produce into his diet. A juicer would be such a huge blessing for him so he can enjoy varieties of fruits and vegetables and juice that will keep his colon clean. Although my dad requires my daily care he still has some independence and really enjoys helping me in the kitchen from time to time. He likes getting dirty too so doing gardening together gives him the satisfaction of playing in the dirt. He told me he wishes he had strong teeth to bite an apple and carrots but, unfortunately, his finances won’t allow him to get new teeth. A new juicer would be such a beautiful 80th birthday gift that will last him years to come—something he could operate on his own. He could feel proud of making his own juices. He loves LOVES mangos. I could help him with recipes to help balance his blood sugar with raw vegetables and green leaves and make it taste good. I do not like buying store-bought juices with all the added sugars because my dad was recently diagnosed with pre-diabetic. I’m extremely mindful of his sugar intake. This juicer wouldn’t just be a pretty appliance to sit on the kitchen counter. It would be a game-changer, a life changer for my dad. He’s very grateful and appreciative of everything because he grew up poor. Even at age 79 he still has a mindset of poverty (like he’s not worthy of having anything nice). I constantly remind him he deserves nice things. I know he would truly be grateful to have a really nice juicer to call his own.

My dad is always giving the little bit he has to others while living paycheck to paycheck off his social security and pension so I feel he deserves something nice. The Nama Juicer would be PERFECT. 80 years old is already a blessing that he’s lived that many years of life.  I want him to see his 100th birthday but we gotta get more produce into his diet sooner than later. It’s never too late to change to healthier food choices and my dad is always willing to try new things. His childlike spirit of wanting to learn new things is very endearing. I know he’ll appreciate learning how to make his own juices. 

There’s so much more I could share. We both love dogs. The little Yorkie in the photo with my dad was his sweet little girl, Bella Boo, who has since crossed over the rainbow. She was my dad’s world and when she passed away a piece of his soul went with her. 🐾🌈

Nicole Walker 

Happy Father’s Day 🥳

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