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The Power of Hope

Fear or Hope; Which will You Choose?

A week ago Friday I got the results of an MRI. I have a torn tendon in my right ankle and a lovely big old boot for the summer. My Podiatrist said I’ll need to wear it for 2 to 3 months. My first thought was no…no…no. I’m going to heal much faster than that. I’m going for two to three weeks. I thought about Donna who does my newsletter designs and all the beautiful artwork for my website. (See her story below.)  She healed her fractured knee in record time. She had such a positive attitude all the way through a very difficult ordeal. She inspired me. So in the early moments of reviewing what my doctor had said, ” we’ll see if my tendon will heal in this time with the boot and if not I will need surgery,” I had to battle fear and continue to choose hope. I choose to heal; no surgery needed.

I think with any diagnosis, when you hear  the worst possible scenario, the tendency is to be gripped by fear, which is paralyzing. Embracing hope is a choice. Fear is damaging; hope is healing. . . so why don’t we go there? It’s not easy. Fear tries to take over the mind. It’s a fight….and it’s one we’ve got to win if we want to heal speedily or in some cases heal at all.

Hope can help your body release endorphins and healing chemicals. Fear, on the other hand, causes your body to release damaging chemicals that impair healing.

William M. Buchholz, M.D., shared an enlightening perspective in his brief story titled “The Medical Uses of Hope.” He tells about overhearing two doctors  discussing an experimental protocol for metastatic lung cancer. One doctor got a a 22 percent response rate and while the other one got 74 percent. The doctor that got the 22 percent response rate wanted to know what his colleague did differently. The 22 percent doctor called his protocol EPOH while the 74 percent doctor called his HOPE. Dr. Buchholz goes on to say, “Whether genuine hope is a feeling, in our hearts, our souls, or in our brain, it encompasses positive energy that helps us persevere and have positive outcomes. It is empowering, and suggests a future optimistic outcome. Hope is often at our core, or soul, and remains unwavering as we journey forward.”1

Dr. Candice Pert is famous for her research on what you say affecting your body—”Your body believes every word you say.” Therefore, with hope, we will say positive things to our body telling it the positive outcome we want.

Yesterday I was at my Integrative Medicine doctor’s office. I went for PEMF treatment to my foot and ankle. This is electromagnetic therapy that improves circulation and cell metabolism thus facilitating healing. She told me I should heal quickly because I’m such a clean eater, juice and take supplements. That is the holistic approach I’m taking to heal this painful tendon tear. But what I walked away knowing is that It starts with the spiritual aspects I choose. I see them as the most important part of the healing journey—prayer, faith, hope… and then add to that all the nutritional components along with my diligent wrapping my foot and ankle with the ace bandage and wearing the boot all day long. I’ll keep you posted regarding my journey.  And thank you for your prayers. They make a big difference.

So what about you? Are you facing anything currency that is causing you fear, worry or anxiety? If you are, would you like to let that go and replace it with hope, trust and faith in God’s healing?



Donna’s Story

A few years ago I sustained a comminuted fracture to my knee. One therapist told me I’d wear a brace for the rest of my life. I said no, no, no. It took a lot of effort but within 2 months of this decree, I discarded the brace and I was back to an active lifestyle.

Fast forward to three months ago, when I fractured my other knee (the patella) in 2 places. When I got a similar prognosis for this fracture, I refused to own those words again. For me it was all about loving my body… and not allowing negative thoughts to rule. Love, acceptance and encouragement. 

Fear tried to creep in when the doctor said: “this is a life-altering injury”. Again,  I chose not to let the doctor’s words be my reality. 

So the 3 months bone healing time was whittled down to 2 and the 6 -12 month time before resuming normal activities was accomplished in 3 months. My physical therapist is amazed! Some things (like going downstairs) are still hard, but I’m walking at least 4 miles a day. The only thing left is some soft tissue healing and muscle strengthening. This weekend I helped my daughter paint their kitchen and laundry room. I was up and down the ladder like a champ for two days. (although I was sore later!) I could not be happier.

The holistic approach to healing worked for me—fueling my body with clean foods, juicing and a collagen supplement. All of these elements super powered my cells. But positive thoughts are just as nourishing and POWERFUL!  I have always heard, “what you think about, you bring about”! Choosing love, faith, and positive thoughts made all the difference in my healing time.

I’d Love to Hear From You…

I’m thinking of making Monday’s news “Hope and Healing Mondays” with an emphasis on the spiritual aspects of health and wellness. If you’d like to hear more about this, please let me know. I value your feedback. 

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