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4 Green Juices for Weight Loss

1. Celery juice. Juice up celery to help your body lose excess water. It contains essential oils limonene and selinene, which give celery diuretic properties. Celery also helps to cleanse the body—get rid of toxins and you lose weight easier. For extra weight loss help, combine celery and lemon, another natural diuretic. As an added bonus, it can help prevent stomach and colon cancer. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to control blood pressure.

2. Watercress juice. This cruciferous vegetable can help heal the thyroid and prevent weight gain. Consuming foods higher in iodine like kelp and watercress, and ensuring that you get enough B-complex vitamins and minerals like selenium (Brazil nuts are high), copper and zinc are also important. Iodine is the number one healer of under-active thyroids, and getting it from natural sources is important.

3. Parsley juice. Scientific studies show this nutrient-rich little herb is a natural diuretic. It’s also one of your best sources of vitamin C. Studies show vitamin C helps you lose weight. One lady said, “Parsley is a miracle! On Thursday I was 72 kg, and two days later – five pounds less! [Got rid of] the accumulated liquid [in] my body. I feel great light.”

4. Wheatgrass juice. Rich in nutrients that support your thyroid, wheatgrass juice helps boost your metabolism. Also, because it is so rich in nutrients, it satisfies the body’s needs for the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients it needs. Then cravings lessen or cease altogether. That makes it much easier to eat less and say no to fattening foods. If you can’t find fresh wheatgrass juice, get the powdered wheatgrass.

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