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This Delicious Broth Heals Arthritis, Gut Issues, & Inflammation

Bone broth is the nation’s hottest brew these days.  Some people are doing bone broth fasts while others are adding it to other types of fasts such as the juice fast. The bone broth diet isn’t something new; just rediscovered.  It’s been around for as long as people have boiled bones for soup stock. It’s known to reverse signs of aging, promote weight loss, increase energy, and renew vitality.  This can happen in just 21 days. It can help to heal your gut because it reduces inflammation.  It’s amazingly nutritious for your joints and bones.

If you go on the bone broth diet, it is basically a modified Paleo Diet, which involves avoiding sugar, all grains, (you can have quinoa, a seed) and most high-carbohydrate foods along with fasting two days a week on bone broth. People have used this diet to help reduce inflammation, improve gut health, and shed pounds.  I have a similar diet with a 28-day menu plan in The Juice Lady’s Anti-Inflammation Diet to which you could add bone broth.

If you choose to fast two days a week, you will only consume bone broth. For the healthiest broth, be sure to use, or purchase ready made, broth made from bones from grass-fed cows or pastured chickens, and with collagen-rich bones like the neck, feet, and femur. The bone broth diet is excellent for resetting your metabolism, decreasing inflammation, improving blood glucose levels, and putting your body into a state of ketosis, meaning your body is burning fat for energy rather than glucose.

Slow cooking draws out collagen, amino acids (glycine, glucosamine, arginine proline, glutamine), and minerals like calcium and magnesium.  Bone broth is considered a superfood. It’s known for improving skin, hair, and nails, giving your digestion a boost, and healing joints that ache.

Why is this broth so healthy for the joints?  Dr. Axe says, “One of the most valuable components of bone broth is gelatin, which acts like a soft cushion between bones that helps them “glide” without friction. Gelatin also provides us with building blocks that are needed to form and maintain strong bones, helping take pressure off of aging joints and supporting heathy bone mineral density.” (http://draxe.com/the-healing-power-of-bone-broth-for-digestion-arthritis-and-cellulite/; accessed June 14, 2016)  “Research done by the Department of Nutrition and Sports Nutrition for Athletics at Penn State University found that when athletes supplemented with collagen over the course of 24 weeks, the majority showed significant improvements in joint comfort and a decrease in factors that negatively impacted athletic performance.” (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18416885; accessed June 14, 2016)

Bone Broth Recipe

  • 4-5 Grass-fed beef bones, chicken bones, or any mixture of bones from wild or pasture-raised, healthy animals; if using beef bones, I like meaty beef shank)
  • Purified water
  • 1 tablespoon raw apple cider vinegar
  • 1 carrot, chopped
  • 1/4 onion
  • 1 clove garlic
  • Sea salt and pepper

Place bones into a large soup pot or crockpot. You only need a few bones to make a great broth.

Fill your pot with filtered water to cover all the bones completely.

Add the vinegar, carrot, onion and garlic.

Turn your heat on low for the soup pot or set your crockpot on low.  Simmer for 24 hours. I put my soup pot in the oven on 200 degrees overnight. Poultry bones can simmer as long as 24 hours, and beef bones can simmer for up to 48 hours. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

When the pot is cool enough to handle, pour the broth through a sieve into containers. You can use tongs to pick the bones out first.  Store in the refrigerator. It should keep for 5 – 7 days or freeze for later.  Skim fat layer off the top, if it forms.


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  1. Hi Cherie! I am Bivi Guadalupe and I have been watching your videos, among many other (Dr. Axe, Dr. Z., D Haley, etc.). I have two questions for you, but before, let me tell you a little about me.

    My husband and I are pastors. I am 53 years old and I always being healthy until I turned 50. Then, I was diagnosed with Parkinson. God, in His mercy, has not allowed for the Parkinson to develop fast, so I just have a trembling in my left hand. I was seeing a Dr. who believes in not prescribing too much medication but to save some for when it is needed and also because of the side effects.
    Unfortunately, a month ago, that Dr. retired without letting me know. When I received a notification letter from the hospital, he was already gone. I felt abandoned and cried a lot. My mother said to me, “the importance thing is that God has not retired.” So, I brought my need to the Lord and asked Him to lead me. I feel The Lord is taking me in the direction of natural medicine.
    Another thing is that I have always had good results when I had blood tests done, to the point that doctors congratulated me. I have never had high blood pressure or high cholesterol. That is why I never saw the need to take any king of medication; especially since I hate taking pills. So, I never worried about my health and I neglected vitamins, etc. intake. But five weeks ago, I was feeling bad. I felt like if my blood was poisoned. I had my blood test done and it was not good. The Dr. told me she thinks I have an autoimmune disease because my ANA was high (24%, I believe). I have to get the test done again, but I am waiting a little. I am afraid to get the same results. That is why I want to try something meanwhile.
    Our minds have been educated about food and medicine in one way, but we have to re-educate and get our mind renewed so transformation can happen. That is what I am doing by listening and learning through your programs. That is why I say that God is leading me in a different direction from the conventional medicine. I don’t want to take pills and intoxicate my body with chemicals that will cause many other different illnesses; on the contrary, I would like to Detox my body. I already start juicing and changing my diet.
    My questions for you are, Do you have something that can help me with Parkinson? What about with the autoimmune disease?
    I will appreciate your help with this.

    Bivi Guadalupe

  2. Bonnie Foley

    Can you recommend a crock pot or slow cooker? I’ve been looking at options and am concerned about aluminum or lead etc in many of these made in China options. It would seem a large 7 or 8 quart size would be best for the bones or whole chicken and the only “organic” marketed ones are small. I would hate to think I am trying a healthy diet and simmering broth for days in a crock pot that’s leaching toxins. Thanks for any tips.