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Hope & Healing

Things aren’t always as it seems—there is hope.

What we want to achieve in our health, we must first “see” it in our mind and believe in our heart.  This creates a “seed” in our soul. We must then nurture that seed with a strong belief that we can have what we believe. The subconscious mind with Its direct access to God can grow strong. As with any seeds, it is crucial to keep these seeds well fed, watered and cared for by strong faith. This is where our beliefs and our spoken words affect what we want to see in our bodies. Once the seed is sown it will grow as we nurture it.

Even though we cannot see seeds growing in the earth, a gardener has faith that they are growing, and that they will become beautiful plants. No gardener would sow seeds in their garden and not have faith in the process.

Once the seed thought has been planted in our soul, the time will come to “reap the harvest” and enjoy its fruits because the harvest that sprang from your “seed” of beliefs, wink finally come. You believed and so you will “see” your answer—your healing.

Cherie’s Healing Update

I’ve been putting the “seeing” into practice in my own life now with the torn tendon in my right ankle. I’ve been believing and praying that what my doctor said would take 2 to 3 months of wearing a boot (and if that didn’t work, surgery) would only take a few weeks. This was week two and I have very little pain. I’ll see my doctor in two weeks. By that time I plan to have no pain at all. I’m seeing and believing that my tendon is healing quickly.

Cherie sporting her temporary boot!

Diane’s Story of Hope

A while back I was going through quite a bit of stress.  My grandmother died, I was having difficulty in my marriage. I ended up with pain in my whole body. My doctor didn’t know what was causing it so she sent me to the city doctor.  All summer I had blood taken to try and determine what was going on. In the fall I couldn’t keep going to the city since my sister, my ride,  is a teacher had to return to work. My doctor said it was likely arthritis and I would probably be on medication for the rest of my life.  That was my last visit. I told her I don’t think so. I never went back! I went to a lady who flushes the bowels out [colonics]. She directed me to a friend where I got enzymes. I took a coral calcium sachet supplement which I believe was God directed. The pain ended. So I agree with what you say; when life throws you lemons-with God’s help, you make lemonade! Things aren’t always as it seems—there is hope.

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