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Infertility, Juicing, and Diet

How Good Nutrition Can Improve Fertility Rates

When I was a student at Baster University, the inside joke was about all the pregnant students. Many female students that came to Baster got pregnant because they learned about good nutrition, changed their diet, and their fertility improved. I remember thinking, “I’ve never seen so many pregnant students in one place!” Recently, my aesthetician said she got pregnant right after she had completed a 30-day vegan detox challenge. She and her husband had been trying to get pregnant for a year and a half. They now have a lovely baby girl.

If you or someone you know has been trying to get pregnant, here are some things that can be done right away. These guidelines will not only help a woman conceive, but they will also support a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

  • Juice veggies every day. This will provide lots of very absorbable nutrition.
  • Eat several servings of vegetables each day in addition to juicing.
  • Eat clean foods such as free-range, pastured, organic animal products.
  • Don’t eat sugar; it’s toxic and very addictive.
  • Omit gluten and dairy.
  • Eat only whole foods.
  • Use healthy oils such as virgin olive oil and coconut oil.
  • Avoid junk food and fast food.
  • Take nutritional supplements. Wheatgrass powder and capsules are excellent
  • Detox; toxins can interfere with fertility.

Dawn Krueger-Sherin L.Ac, director of Fertility Hope and Healing, and I have teamed up for a Fertility Hope and Healing Retreat May 20- 24 at Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center, Carefree, AZ.

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