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Juicing For Pain Relief

Juicing For Pain Relief

The majority of people with muscle and joint pain are chronic sufferers with the pain being related to poorly managed inflammation and acid/alkaline imbalances. Often the tissues surrounding the painful area are acidic and loaded with toxic free radicals. In order to treat these inflamed areas, you must alkalize your body. You can test your acid/alkaline status by getting pH strips at your local drugstore. anti-inflammatory-01Vegetable juices are very alkaline and of great benefit in healing the body of chronic pain. This has helped many people to GET OUT OF PAIN FAST. Read James’ testimony below. Also, you should follow my Anti-Inflammation Diet. If you don’t have it, get my book today and start on the program. Drink at least 3 glasses of vegetable juice each day. Also, cut way back on coffee and alcohol, which are very acidic. Avoid all soda pop, (extremely acidic) along with all sweets. You may also benefit greatly by cleansing your body. You could join me for the Summer Cleanse—30-Day Detox 30 day detoxChallenge, which starts August 10. (Don’t miss the Early Bird Special that ends August 1.) And if you want to really change your life. come to our Fall Retreat Sept 20-25 for a week of healthy cleansing—body, soul, and spirit.



I started juicing seven days a week on May 1st of this year (2015). I have used only the recipes in your book, “The Big Book of Juices & Green Smoothies” since then.  My energy level began to improve noticeably after two weeks of juicing. I lost a lot of weight, also.  I’ve had metatarsalgia (injury that causes inflammation in upper foot region) in the bottom of my right foot for about the last two years.  Before I started  juicing I could only go out for 20 to 30 minute walks two or three days in a row and then I’d begin limping from soreness in the right foot.  Now I can walk an hour every day without developing pain in my foot.   Thank you!  – James


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