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Lisa Lost 11 Pounds in 24 Days – During the Holidays – on The Anti-Inflammation Diet

Lisa Lost 11 Pounds in 24 Days

-During the Holidays – on The Anti-Inflammation Diet!

(She went from 140.6 to 129.2 pounds)

Lisa After

Lisa After

Lisa Before

Lisa Before

Lisa says,
“During recent months, prior to your wonderful Anti-Inflammation diet program, I had relied on a coffee most mornings on my route to school and a coffee once I returned home from college, followed by a 30-90 minute “powernap” before homework and any other to-do’s during many days. It was normal for me to grab an apple, plain waffles, poptarts, or often nothing at all as my breakfast with my coffee.  Lunch was often nothing, PB&J on white bread, an apple, a poptart packet, or an orange as I was in between classes and doing homework.  Snacks and meals consisted of sugar or gluten most often and overall, protein was missing in my diet.  Dinner would be a quick microwaved meal from a can or box and salads were often excluded due to the time it took to prepare and eat.  Late night snacks as I studied were often junk food snacks that required no heating up or prep time.

Health Improvements

Before The Anti-Inflammation Diet plan that I had followed, I had noticed a plunge in my energy level over this year.  I had taken power naps routinely because I was just that tired due to a poor diet mostly, along with all the aspects of college studies. I would often feel achy because I had a junk food diet.  I relied on coffee and tea for daily water in-take, rather than drinking water.  I would not drink as much water as I should.

This year, I had a horrible run-in with poison ivy and a mysterious cause for an allergic reaction that sent me to the ER. I mentioned that in order to mention this, I have never experienced what appeared to be hives until the latter part of this year and the supposed hives were re-occurring— more often in recent months.  It was a miserable time with hives as a part of nearly each day in recent months.  When I started your diet, I experienced them less and less, until I was finishing my second week in in the Anti-Inflammation Diet program. Since then, I have not had to deal with those terrible hives any longer.  I could not figure out the cause for them. Was a poor diet to blame? I changed my clothes detergent and made other changes, but nothing got me away from needing to take benedryll, essential oils, and ice packs.  Lastly, I have a greater sense of well-being in my body with better nutrition. I’ve noticed that I sleep more easily and soundly without excess sugar and junk food in my diet.  I can concentrate and study on a greater level, I do not experience seasonal allergies like I did in the past.  I do not have to rely on having a budget for fiber and vitamins now that my diet and water regiment has greatly improved.  I am so thankful to God for all of these amazing health improvements and more daily energy than I have felt in years.  Lastly, as I continue to lose inches and weight, I can fit into more of my clothes again and that makes me incredibly thankful and joyful!“


  1. Cherie,

    I have been following you for a year now and have ordered almost all your books through family in the US, Have done quite a number of the juices for various issues. However, I live in Ghana in Africa and would like to sign up for healthy and fit program, but getting the required vegetables and the vitamins can be difficult on my side of the world. What can I do?

    Also if I ordered the cleanse packages to an address in New York how many days is that likely to take please? if you do have an idea

    • Martha, You can use the veggies and fruit available locally. You don’t have to take any supplements for the Healthy and Fit for Life program. You won’t be able to sign up on line though unless you use a credit card with a US address. You can sign up via email and send the card info in a couple of emails for security. It usually takes 4-5 business days to get the kit.

  2. wow.. I am so glad that somebody finished the anti-inflammatory diet. I am so happy for you Lisa. you gave a great example to me. God bless your journey to a better health continually.