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Lymphasizer; A Great Christmas Gift

Lymphasizer; A Great Christmas Gift

Are you wondering what to get someone on your list? How about a unique gift of health?

Consider the Lymphasizer.

The Lymphasizer (aka Swing Machine) helps cleanse the body and remove old lymph. The lymphatic system is one of the body’s garbage disposal systems. It has no pump; therefore, it relies on exercise to move it along. But our lifestyle is quite sedentary. Therefore we need something to assist this process that is easy to do on a regular basis.

After noticing how well-toned and healthy fish are, Dr. Shizuo Inoue developed a machine with rhythmic side-to-side movement that creates a wavelike motion up the body and spine—like a fish swimming. This type of machine provides gentle massage as it oxygenates muscles, tissues, and organs. It also helps move lymph along so it does not stagnate and make you sick.

If you are not able to do much exercise because of weakness, debilitation, or time constraints, this machine is a must, but I recommend it for everyone. John and I have the lymphasizer and we use it regularly.

It also helps people get rid of cellulite and is of benefit in the overall detoxification process. You just lie on the floor with your feet in the grooves and the machine does the work. It is believed that 15 minutes on the Lymphasizer provides oxygen to the body equal to about a 90-minute walk.

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