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Miracles Do Happen

Do You Need a Miracle?

In keeping with the theme of Hope and Healing Monday, I want to talk about miracles today.

I just watched the movie Breakthrough. It’s the true story of John Smith who fell through the ice January 19, 2015, on Lake St. Louis in St. Charles, Missouri and was underwater for 15 minutes. At the hospital, there were no vital signs. Forty-five minutes into CPR, he showed no response. It wasn’t until his mother came into the room and began to pray. Suddenly, there was a sign of life.  He was airlifted to where they could treat him. The doctors said that there was a one percent chance that he would make it overnight. If he did that he would be a vegetable for the rest of his life. But he was completely healed. Though it took a village to save John, only a miracle could give him back his life. Sixteen days later he walked out of the hospital.

As I watched this movie, I was reminded of my own miracle. I lay dead on the floor in a puddle of blood. Beaten and choked by a burglar, I felt my spirit leave my body. I knew I had died. I knew I was on my way home. But suddenly I was back in my body holding onto the fence at the end of the dog run outside where neighbors heard me screaming and got help.

How did I get there? Not only did I want to know that, so did the detective assigned to my case. He asked me to explain how I got from the spot in the bedroom where I had fallen, where they had found the puddle of blood and part of my scalp, … across the patio to the other side of the house all the way to the end of the dog run where they also found blood, without a drop of blood anywhere in-between. I had no idea. But one night I had a dream where I saw Jesus walk into the room and pick up my lifeless body and blow into my nose and mouth. I saw my body come to life. I saw him carry me out to the fence where I could get help. I will never know what actually happened. But there’s one thing I do know. I experienced a miracle. I believe in miracles.

If you need a miracle, I believe you can experience you too.

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