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Need Help with Your Hair?

Get Strong, Shiny, Thick Hair 

A number of years ago my hair started falling out. It fell and fell until I had about half the hair left that I’d started with. I learned a lot about getting one’s hair back—not only growing back but getting stronger as well so it doesn’t break easily. I”m excited to share some tips with you that helped me with my hair back.

1. Take Ness formula enzymes. Ness #4 and 16 are the best enzymes I’ve found to grow hair. They help digest undigested proteins when you take them after a meal, When you digest proteins well, your hair grows and thickens and your nails get stronger. Not only did my hair start growing back when I took Ness formula, it got thicker. But you need to take them according to my directions rather than the label directions.

2. Watercress for your hair. Watercress contains plenty of zinc as well as sulfur, which helps to keep away bacterial infections from hair and scalp. It also helps to moisturize and condition the hair. It acts as a very good conditioner and improves the quality as well as quantity of the hair. Garden’s Best Superfoods Juice Powder has watercress juice powder.

3. Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fats not only help prevent hair loss and breakage, but it also encourages healthy, lush hair and the growth of new hair. I recommend Nordic Naturals Arctic Omega 3 cod liver oil. Since I started taking that brand of cod liver oil, my hair has been shinier and silkier.

4. Avoid sweets. My hair started falling out when I started drinking wine. It was too much sugar. I cut out all wine and sweets, along with most starchy carbs, which made a huge difference.

5. Collagen protein. Collagen is rich in amino acids that your body needs to build keratin, the protein that makes up hair.

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