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Parasites, Belly Fat, Weight Gain, and Poor Digestion

Parasites, Belly Fat, Weight Gain, and Poor Digestion

I’m continuing my parasite cleanse this week because the New Moon is Sunday. (I’ll explain that later.) During one of my zoology sessions, Wendi identified parasites in my liver so I was motivated to continue my para cleanse. I’m amazed at the challenge of getting rid of these critters.

Parasites can cause belly fat, weight gain, inflammation, and blood sugar imbalances.

Round worms can cause ridges on your nails. Digestive problems are the number one complaint associated with parasites. They can also cause you to eat sugar and fried foods—even potato chips— and other unhealthy foods.

Because parasites impact your liver, you could end up with liver disturbances that can lead to depression, mood swings, and other mental problems. Headaches may be caused by parasites.

Roundworms can also cause hormone imbalances. When your liver is busy dealing with parasites, rather than clearing your hormones, imbalances can develop. If parasites hang around long enough in the body, they can cause cancer. As you can see, this is nothing to let slide.

Parasite cleansing is best done during the New Moon phase since parasites are most vulnerable at this time. During this time (several days before and on the New Moon) parasites detach from the walls of the organs and lining of the intestines to breed and lay eggs. This makes it easier to get to them with the herbal cleansing formulas.

A natural parasite cleansing program should last 7 to 14 days (or longer if you have a lot of them) to allow the parasites to complete the breeding cycle and the new eggs to hatch and die off.

The next New Moon is October 30 and then November 29. You could start the 30-Day Detox November 7 and then do two weeks of parasite cleansing after the first week of colon cleansing, combining parasite cleansing with the liver/gallbladder cleanse and then the lymphatic system and kidney/bladder cleanse.

The cleanse kit I use is very effective because it combines a variety of herbs that address many different types of parasites. It’s time to get rid of parasites NOW! I highly recommend the Parasite Cleanse Kit or the Internal Cleanse Kit, which has a parasite cleanse and a free colon cleanse. If you see any sign of parasites, you should do at least another week of para cleansing.


  1. My doctor asked me to wait until December 19th to go on any kind of diet plan. Since there will be another new moon on 12/29/16, will you be doing another cleanse at that time? Or should I wait until the next new moon in January of 2017? (I did the 30 day detox with you in January of 2016.)

    • I will offer another 30-day detox in January. You should do the parasite cleanse between the full moon and the new moon.

  2. I think I have had round worms for at least a year if not longer. Some kind of growth or lumps hand width below left breast. 4 doctors including 1 functional and I think I finally figured it out myself. Lots of pain and activity during October full moon. What would be best way to proceed?

    • I highly recommend you order the Parasite Cleanse Kit. It is very effective.

  3. I sent an email a few days ago trying to get some more information on the 30 day detox. I’m wanting to know if you provide daily meal/juice plan with recipes. thank you

    • Yes, I have a meal plan with recipes for the first two weeks. Then there are guidelines for weeks 3 and 4. I hope you can join us.

  4. Everything I’ve ever read says to do parasite cleanses near the FULL moon. So this article is confusing to me….

    • Actually, with further investigation, it’s between the full moon and new moon phase when parasites are most active and lay their eggs.

  5. James T. Graves

    Please contact us. We recently bpught the internal cleanse and the colon cleanse for my wife and I.
    We only received the first week of notes at the time of purchase, but did not receive any of the following weeks notes. We are currently doing the seperate colon cleanse but would like to start the internal cleanse with you on the next round. Is that Nov 7? We need to know how to get set up for the group facebook chats and conference calls to get us going. Thank you so much. Ty and Rebecca Graves Ph:512 630-3654 Rebecca’s cell or our email :jtlrgraves@gmail.com

    • Yes the next detox class begins 11/7. You can join that. You can ask to join the Facebook for that class. Always notify us right away if you don’t get your lessons to download. The lessons are posted each week on Facebook where you download there. Did you join the 30-day detox? With that registration, you would have received the invitation to join Facebook. You would also get weekly emails for the teleconference calls and the tel # to call. Check your junk mail. Emails sometimes go there. Please let us know if you have not received everything.

  6. Shirley Ann Horsfall

    1)Just wondering if you ship to new zealand. Im unable to put any orders through.
    2) Is there an eating program. Having fibromyalgia I have finally decided to go clean and green. The more I read about sugars etc and with what the lord is telling me I have to learn to eat in an entirely new way and its really foreign 🙂
    Many thanks

    • Shirley, we do ship the cleanse kits to NZ. It is considerably higher shipping costs. We would need your address to give you shipping fees. We don’t ship other products overseas.


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