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Remedies to Grow, Strengthen, and Thicken Hair

Remedies to Grow, Strengthen, and Thicken Hair

1. Rub straight ginger juice into your scalp.  Ginger juice is a stimulator for hair follicle.
2. Give you hair an egg yolk treatment.  Separate the yolk from the white.  Beat the yolk with a fork and apply to your hair.  Let it dry and shampoo.  This will help to strengthen and thicken your hair.  Don’t waste the egg white.  Beat it with an beater until it is stiff like meringue.  This makes a great face mask.  Apply all over your face and let dry.  Leave on for about 15 minutes and rinse.  This tightens your skin.
3. Take Ness Enzymes #4 and #16 after your meals.  These are the best enzymes I’ve found to clean up undigested proteins.  When you digest proteins well, your hair will grow thicker and stronger.  I take these all the time; they truly do work.


  1. joyce igbe

    Hello Cherie, I subscribe to your newsletter. I am African so obviously I have African hair.
    I do want to have long, thick and full hair so I get to steam my hair once a month with a mixture of shea butter, coconut oil and hair mayonnaise from the Organic hair care range.

    my question is…How often should I do the egg yolk treatment? and when is the appropriate time to do it…before or after I steam?

    Thank you for your response.

  2. How long do I leave the ginger juice on my scalp? And do I use after or before normal shampoo?

  3. How often should the ginger juice be applied for optimal results?

  4. My hair keeps falling. It has thinned out. This has been happening since the age of 24. I’m 39 now. Is it becoz I’m a vegetarian? Or stress? Is there anything I shd do about my diet? I’ve got a lot of white hair too & that much more than my older sister..

    • You may be quite protein deficient. You may not be able to be a vegetarian. Some people cannot be vegetarians. Protein and protein digestion is so very important for hair. I recommend you start eating protein and taking digestive enzymes.

      • I have several patches of alopecia & much hair fallout. I do have thyroid issues & take armour thyroid. My level is currently at 120 & will see if more changes are necessary after next blood test. I also have a digestive disorder known as acalasia which means my esophagus has loss of motility & food is not broken down properly. Do you have any suggestions that may help stop my hair loss & to regrow hair? It is my greatest stress factor!

  5. Hi Cherie. Can I use the ginger root juice, then rinse, then the egg yolk?

  6. Patricia Brooks

    Cherie, I really enjoy your emails. Are they the same as the newsletter some have mentioned? I went to our local health food store to look for Ness. They do not carry it and had not heard about it. Where should I be able to find it? I’m interested in trying it. I was diagnosed with breast cancer October 2013 and after having two major surgeries (double mastectomy and reconstruction) with radiation in between, I’ve seen a difference in my hair. I’m in the recovery stage from reconstruction surgery (12-hour surgery) but I’m sure all the anesthesia, radiation, and not the least — stress, my hair has become very dry and doesn’t have much shine. I would like to try Ness to see if that will improve my hair condition. Thank for responding to my question. God bless you.

    • Ness #4 and 6 could be helpful for your hair. Also, coconut oil, cod liver oil, and egg yolk on your hair. …let it dry and shampoo.

      • Health food stores don’t carry Ness formula. You have to get it from my website.

  7. Blessed New Year Cherie. My doctor believes my hair loss is a result of Alopecia and proscribed Minoxidil or Finasteride. I’d rather try natural remedies, believe in God for healing and that my body will respond accordingly. In addition to Ness, Ginger Juice and Egg Yolk, do you have any additional recommendations?

    • Get my book The Anti-Inflammation Diet. You need to follow this diet strictly. Eat no sweets, dairy, gluten, or soy. This should help you a lot.

  8. Hi Cherie,

    I am new to juicing and wanted to try an emulsifier with the ingredients for juicing. Will the emulsifier work with your recipes?

    Also my husband is battling with Kidney Stones is there s receipe for Kidney Stones?

    • I don’t know what you mean by emulsifier. I can help with kidney stones.

  9. I am interested in buying your Anti-Inflammation diet book for alopecia as well as I have inflammation, nerve pain in my whole right arm…I am on Norco twice a day for pain and I’m not able to do hardly any cooking or cleaning and certainly no lifting without my pain getting out of control…..My question is: I have a Vitamix. Am I able to use that instead of a juicer for the recipes?

    • The Vita Mix is a blender; you can make smoothies, but not juice. I’d also recommend getting a juicer. The anti-inflammation diet will help you. Happy juicing!