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Reset Your Brain & Lose Weight

“The evidence is quite convincing – eating fattening foods causes inflammatory cells to go into the hypothalamus,” explains nationally known obesity expert Louis Aronne, M.D., Director of the Comprehensive Weight-Control Program at New York-Presbyterian Hospital /Weill Cornell Medical Center.. “This overloads the neurons and causes neurological damage.”

A groundbreaking study in the British Journal of Nutrition published in February, 2013 is one example of the kind of on-target research that’s proving the theory of hypothalamic damage and thus paving the way to new weight loss strategies.  Retooling your diet to be rich in health-promoting foods can stop and even reverse the damage done by an unhealthy one. In a study at the University of Liverpool, the researchers looked at the impact of omega-3 fatty acids, known to be beneficial to brain health. And sure enough, fish oil appears to modulate some of the negative effects of eating the wrong fats and refined carbs.  What that means, in effect, is that switching to a healthy diet can heal the hypothalamic damage that’s playing havoc with your hunger and satiety cues.

Adapted from The New Theory On Weight Loss: Your Bad Diet Has Damaged Your Brain 8/21/2013  http://www.forbes.com/sites/melaniehaiken/2013/08/21/the-real-secret-to-losing-weight-from-a-top-expert/

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