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Please Join Us for Our Juice & Raw Foods Retreat in Santa Fe, NM!

We have 10 rooms left. If you are thinking about coming, now is a good time to register.

August 18-23, 2019 our summer retreat will be at The Immaculate Heart Retreat Center in Santa Fe. This is right after the famous International Indian Market. Summers are beautiful in Santa Fe because it is the high desert. Temperature is typically in the 80s. I hope you can join us.

Who Are These Retreats For?

Men and women of all ages will benefit from our retreat. This retreat is for everyone who wants to get healthier, de-stress, rejuvenate, lose weight,  prevent disease, or address a health opportunity.

Benefits of The Juice Retreat…

What you will experience in just one week! 

  • Weight loss anti-aging, smoother younger skin
  • Mental clarity, better sleep, more energy
  • A sense of well-being, balance, and a stronger immune system
  • Lessening of aches and pains and healing of ailments
  • Better digestion and cleansing of the entire body
  • Detox waste that interferes with the nourishment of the cells
  • Improve metabolic rate and cell oxygenation
  • Eliminate dead and dying cells and rebuild damaged cells
  • Rejuvenate your body, soul, and spirit

Go here for the retreat schedule that include spirit, soul and body classes.

Our retreatants come from all over the WORLD!

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