3 Juices to Sharpen Your Eyes

3  Juices to Sharpen Your Eyes

3  Juices to Sharpen Your Eyes & 4 Tips to Get Rid of Eye Floaters

Some health experts say it’s a myth that you can improve your eyesight. They are obviously people who have never seen any improvement in others’ eye health nor have they done anything to improve their own eyesight. I have improved my eyesight. Years ago when I traveled continually, I was not able to juice as much. My eyesight declined. I was finding it harder and harder to read when the light was dim and nearly impossible to read the fine print. When I stopped traveling as much and was able to juice every day when I was home, my sight began to improve. Now, I’m my husband’s eyes at times when he can’t find his glasses. And what about him? He’s worn glasses most of his life. When I was traveling, his sight really declined. He had to get several new prescriptions for stronger lenses. But since I’ve been home and juicing for both of us, his sight did not declined any further. Then he had laser surgery and now just needs reading glasses.

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