Creating a Healthy Kitchen with the Vita-Mix


The products I recommend in addition to a juicer include the Vita-Mix and the Excalibur Dehydrator.

I love the Vita-Mix™ and use mine almost everyday to make green smoothies.  I make juice first, pour it in the Vita-Mix™, add an avocado, and blend until creamy.  This is my breakfast.  You can also use the Vita-Mix™ to make soups, purees, and grind nuts.

People ask me all the time if they can use the Vita-Mix™ to make my juice recipes.  It won’t work for that.  It won’t make juice.  It will make smoothies, but not juice.  When you use soft fruit and veggies, this works okay.  But when you add in high-fiber veggies such as carrots, beets, broccoli stems, asparagus stems, kohlrabi, and some of the heartier greens, you can end up with a mushy concoction that most people do not find very tasty.  One lady emailed me to say she had spent an hour straining it through cheesecloth and was more than frustrated.  You need a juicer to make juice.

I highly recommend the Vita-Mix™ for green smoothies.  I have 100 recipes in my  book The Juice Lady’s Big Book of Juices and Green Smoothies.  The Vita-Mix™ is fantastic to make those recipes.  Choose the Vita-Mix™ as part of your healthy kitchen appliances.

Vita-Mix 1300 TurboBlend 4500

  • Heavy-duty, 2+ peak horsepower motor with 2-speed control
  • Virtually unbreakable, 64-ounce, polycarbonate container
  • All stainless steel enclosed blade assembly with sealed ball bearings
  • Metal-to-metal driver, thermally protected motor for optimum performance
  • Measures 20-1/2 by 7-1/4 by 8-3/4 inches;
  • 5-year warranty

PRICE: $378.95







Vita-Mix CIA Professional Series

  • Countertop blender with laser-cut stainless-steel blades
  • 2+ peak hp motor generates blade speeds of 240 MPH
  • Durable construction; variable speed control
  • 64-ounce jar; recipe books, instructional DVD, and manual included
  • Measures 8-3/4 by 7-1/4 by 20 inches; 7-year warranty

PRICE: $498.95