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Why Are the Honey Bees Dying?

Why Are the Honey Bees Dying?

Van Engelsdorp and other researchers at the Bee Informed Partnership, affiliated with the Department of Agriculture, just announced more than 40 percent of honeybee hives died this past year, as the Associated Press reported. The number is preliminary, but is the second-highest annual loss recorded to date.

It appears bees are dying due to new pesticides being used.  Neonicotinoid pesticides are a newer class of chemicals that are applied to seeds before planting. This allows the pesticide to be taken up through the plant’s vascular system as it grows, where it is expressed in the pollen and nectar.

These insecticides are highly toxic to bees because they are systemic, water soluble, and pervasive. They get into the soil and groundwater where they can accumulate and remain for many years and present long-term toxicity to the hive as well as to other species, such as songbirds.

Neonicotinoids affect insects’ central nervous systems in ways that are cumulative and irreversible. Even minute amounts can have profound effects over time.

The disappearance of bee colonies began accelerating in the United States shortly after the EPA allowed these new insecticides on the market in the mid-2000s. The lawsuit alleges that the EPA allowed the neonicotinoids to remain on the market despite clear warning signs of a problem.

It also alleges the EPA acted outside of the law by allowing conditional registration of the pesticides, a measure that allows a product to enter the market despite the absence of certain data.

Albert Einstein said, “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”  We must make our voices heard regarding pesticides.  Vote with your dollars.  Only buy organic produce as much as possible.



  1. Sandra Cantrell

    If another country sent terrorists here to alter our environment creating health hazards for generations if not forever we would be at war. But we are allowing our own government agency that is supposed to be “protecting” us to do this? Why are we so passive? We can vote, share, grow your own, support organic growers, call, contact government officials, find out what products to boycott. What are you willing to do or do without to save the bees and in turn yourself? We are all connected to each other and to the environment, that means everyone and everything is important!!!!! People it is time to MOVE on these issues. No one person, government agency, or corporation should be allowed to dictate what effects us all. Can we say corporate greed and money is King? Our founding fathers would be ashamed of the American populace, I believe, if we allow this to go uncontested on the grass roots level. We are a democracy so lets act like it!I believe most of the citizens of America and the world want a healthy and balanced planet for all. Why has cancer increased all over the world? Don’t give me the “With gmo corn and beans the yields are so much higher and the American farmer must feed the world.” I live in farming country in the Midwest, more chemical is being used, more timber, fencerows and pastures are being felled, dozed out and plowed up which creates a less clean, diversified plant, animal and insect population and environment. And my question is if the “new and improved” way of farming produces more yield but the quality is less nutritious, the diversification of the plant, insect and animal world is jeopardized and the seed produced is toxic to all of us, not just bees, then where exactly is the benefit? I have asked my senator to send links to scientific reports that show independent, honest prolonged studies of gmo grains research and the chemicals “needed” to produce them and their side effects, if any. I’m still waiting……

  2. Just graduated Norfolk County’s bee school. This is the greatest concern to the beekeepers. In addition, the spraying for mosquitoes in the summer (very toxic) and certain pesticides and fertilizers are all cumulative toxins that are eliminating the bees.

    Bayer is the company behind this neonic debacle. This chemical has been banned in parts of Europe. Many plants bought at the big-box stores utilize these neonic-treated seeds. Buy local and ask questions.

    • It seems it’s good to buy only heirloom and organic plants.

  3. Organic products are the best for you, but it can be very expensive. Ultimately, Organic help keeps you healthy.

    Thanks Cherie It always a pleasure to read your articles and smoothies drink mix.

    May God continue to bless in all that you do 🙂