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You Really CAN Detox Fat Away!

Detox Toxic Fat 

When you remove toxins, you will lose weight and feel better. Fat soluble toxins are more difficult to remove than water-soluble toxins that can be flushed from the body easily. Fat-soluble toxins include heavy metals, pesticides, preservatives, food additives, pollutants, plastics and other environmental chemicals. They must become water-soluble for the body to eliminate them completely. These toxins get stored mostly in the fat cells and the liver. With toxins stored in the fat cells, it is difficult to lose weight. The body will hold onto the fat as much as possible to protect your delicate tissues and organs. If the pathways of elimination such as the intestinal tract or the lymphatic system are not functioning optimally, this makes it even harder to get the toxins out of the body. If your diet is deficient in fiber, up to 94% of the bile – along with its toxic baggage – gets reabsorbed back to the liver to be recycled.

Burn Your Fat; Burn The Toxins

Fat metabolism is the process your body uses as detox fuel. It is important that we flush out the fat in order to remove toxins. When your nervous system can function without stress, the body will naturally burn fat. As you burn fat, you will lose weight.

Get Your Detox Started Now

I want you to get your detox kit today so you can start the 30-Day Detox Monday the 15th. The Internal Cleanse Kit with the Free Colon Cleanse Kit is a 4-week program. Week 1 is the colon cleanse. Week 2 is the liver cleanse with the parasite cleanse. The liver cleanse tinctures help your liver get rid of fat-soluble toxins. Week 3 is kidney-bladder cleanse and lung cleanse. Week 4 is a lymphatic cleanse and skin and blood cleanse.

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