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Your Feet Tell Your Health Story

Your Feet Tell Your Health Story

I had an interesting treatment last week called Foot Zonology. My feet told an amazing health story. Just a few things I learned… I need to cleanse my lymphatic system; dry brushing is very important for me right now. This is timely since I’m doing the Lymphatic System Cleanse as part of Lesson 4 with my 30-Day Detox Challenge Group. My foot revealed tension in my right jaw that needed foot work. The next day the right side of my jaw was sore. (The foot is truly connected to the rest of the body.) Now my jaw is better. Wendi determined I was low in minerals and especially selenium, copper, and potassium. I also needed electrolytes so a pinch a day of Celtic sea salt is on my daily plan. The colon area on my foot showed I needed more probiotics. And my right foot revealed some unreleased emotions (the right foot is connected to father). Wendi suggested I read Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.

So what is Foot Zonology?

If you’ve ever had foot reflexology, it’s a bit like that but offering much more. Foot ZoneTherapy includes targeted, direct pressure to the various “zones” of the feet. It’s a method of treating the physical, mental, and emotional areas of the body with a specific massage of the feet. When the therapist massages a signal point and triggers a certain zone, a message is sent to the tissue or organ effected. This travels through a “reflex arc” to the spinal cord and then to the brain. Discomfort is usually experienced in the areas of imbalance. Those areas signal places where healing is needed. The Zonology practitioner interprets the “messages’ the treatment conveys through discoloration, texture, and tenderness. As the therapist works on the foot, each nerve signals the brain to promote healing and change at the corresponding area, which may be muscle, bone, joint, organ, or system. Work on the zones encourages cells to transform from an abnormal state to a healthy one. This promotes cellular balance in the body. Foot Zone Therapy is a holistic approach which recognizes that all of the body’s cells and organs make up a complex and interactive organism.

Foot zone therapists treat the body as a whole rather than looking at specific diseases or problems. Although they cannot claim direct healing effects or cures, they have reported remarkable results during and after treatment. Some foot Zonology clients have reported relief from ailments such as headaches, back pain, digestive problems, sleep disorders, depression, autoimmune conditions, colds or flu, stress to name just a few.

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Wendi will be offering Foot Zonology at our April 3-8 Juice and Raw Foods Retreat.

This will be a great opportunity to take advantage of this excellent modality. I want you to come and experience rejuvenation—body, soul, and spirit. You can register here.




  1. Ellen Dearden

    Hi Cherie and Fr. John,
    Thank you again for the workshop you did for Saint Aidan’s in Cranbrook. Our parish council and Fr. Andrew were wondering if fr. John would be available to do a Lenten weekend teaching in mid April. I said I would lfollow up with you both. It looks like you have a very busy spring schedule. Looking at your Belize pictures it brings back good memories since my husband Pat and I spent several winters there sea kayaking. Right now Iwe are in Nevada for the next month camping and desert hiking. I also brought my juicer with me! I plan to also use the peace of the desert to do my own spiritual retreat with my many books on Orthodoxy and therapy. I was wondering if Fr. John would like to enter into a dialogue by email if and when I have wifi contact. I can also receive texts at 250-421-6013. We are in Boulder City tonight at a hotel so have wifi till tomorrow morning. Look forward to connecting with you soon. Hope this entail reaches you. With blessings, Ellen Dearden

    • Hi Ellen, Fr. John could discuss this with you. I got an email from someone else as well about this. Did you just want Fr. John or did you want me to do a session on lenten foods and recipes too? It’s fine either way. You can email Fr. John at trinity retreat@aol.com

  2. Janette Belsby

    Cherie, this looks Great…i would like to book a treatment for my self….thank you
    Janette Belsby

  3. Hi Cherie,
    Thanks for another great suggestion for improving my health! The Zone Therapy sounds like a wonderful treatment my feet and body would really enjoy. Are you aware of any practicioners in the SF Bay Area? Also, I’ve had chronic-progressive MS for many years. Do you think it would benefit my sensation and mobility?

    • I don’t know of any practitioners in your area. Try googling to see what you can find. Why don’t you come to our spring retreat in April. Wendi will be there. Many people have found great improvement in their health by going through the program.

  4. Suzy Shrader

    I wonder if zonology is a new type of practice. This is new information to me, and seems very interesting. I am living in Nashville,Tn now, and would like to know if Wendi could recommend a place in or around Nashville,Tn

    • I don’t think Wendi knows people throughout the US. I would google to see if anyone is in your area.