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Detox the Holiday Sludge, Lose Belly Fat, and Energize Your Body

Are you feeling a little out of sorts, bloated, or tired? Did you gain a few pounds over the holidays? Most people gain 5 to 10 pounds a year and a lot of that during the holiday season. If you don’t take those pounds off, they’ll keep adding up until you’re 20, 30 or 40 pounds heavier.  Most people lose 5 to 10 pounds with my 30-Day Detox.

January is the perfect time for detox, weight loss, and an energy reset. As you cleanse your digestive system, you’ll get rid of colon sludge that’s been building up for months or maybe years. By cleaning out your digestive track , you’ll get rid of gas, bloating and mucoid plaque. As your digestion improves; you’ll absorb more nutrients because the majority of our nutrients are absorbed in the upper intestinal tract. As you improve the way you process food, you’ll gain more energy, better sleep, and a happier mood.

If you have parasites, they’re stealing some of your best nutrients causing you to be hungrier and more tired. They also release mucous that contributes to body congestion. I thought sinus problems with drainage was something I just had to battle with in life until I did a series of parasite cleanses. What a difference the parasite cleansing made. That problem is gone—COMPLETELY GONE.

Purify your blood and your skin will glow more. Everything will hum along like you’ve just had an oil change. And don’t forget your lymphatic system and lungs. The lymphatics are your garbage collection system. It’s imperative that you cleanse this system. And how about your lungs? They are also important organs of elimination that need cleansing with herbs that rejuvenate them.

How would you like to be looking like you just returned from a week at a spa? You can. While many people are getting sick in January and February, you can be sailing into super health with a strong immune system and a boatload of energy.

Detoxing Hits the Reset Button

When you get your “house” cleaned out, you’ll feel like a new person. You’ll also look better—more refreshed. Do you ever get up in the morning feeling tired and achy, but after a hot shower, you feel much better? That’s a quick reset. Cleansing is a super reset for your entire system. If you want to turn things around quickly in your body and your life, this is your opportunity for the best change you could imagine. So out with the junk and in with the pure juices and healthy foods along with the cleansing herbs. Soon you’ll be humming along.

Get Your Fuel System Cleaned Out and Reach Your Goals!

Cleanse your pathways of elimination and you’ll see the weight loss you want and the health that propels you into your future. Have you set your goals for 2017? What do you need to change in your life to achieve them? Good health, abundant energy and mental focus are among the things you’ll need to see a realization of those goals. When we’re sick and tired, we can’t get much done. But when we feel like a million, we can truly surprise ourselves.

Want blessings, abundance, prosperity, direction, focus, and new life? What if I told you that, in part, it starts with your liver, kidneys and your colon? If your internal parts are all clogged up, you won’t be speeding down life’s highway toward your goals. Think about your car. If the oil filter and air filter are clogged up and the oil is dirty, how efficiently will you car run? I have a lot of goals and projects for the New Year, but I realize I’m not going to make them a reality unless my body is in peak health. How about you?

Here’s What You Can Do Right Now

You can join my 30-Day Detox. You can also get the Internal Cleanse Kit with the Free Colon Cleanse Kit. The cleanse kits and the 30-Day Detox will take you through the organs and systems of your body starting week one with the Colon Cleanse. Week two is the liver/gallbladder cleanse with a parasite cleanse. Week three is the kidney-bladder cleanse and the lung cleanse. Week four is the lymphatic system cleanse and the skin and blood cleanse. I’ll be with you the whole way to help your reach your goals of a cleansed body.


  1. Would this detox suit me, with diarrhea. I weigh 103 pounds unable to eat anything even the thinnest puree at the moment without triggering up to 10 times a day diarrhea. Multiple Big Stresses in very quick succession have been a factor in each episode over the years.

    So I am now juicing carrots and cucumber, drinking it 50 percent with water. Drinking hot water or warm. Sometimes with L-Glutamine, Prebiotin and Concentrated Mineral Drops. A little salt, honey. I have been almost perfectly successful on the GUT AND PSYCHOLOGY DIET for about 10 months with quite a wide range of foods and gained a little weight.

    Then more stress and this sudden change. What can this cleanse do for me. 76 years old, dance, do tai chi, walk, exercise with weights, all fairly gentle, eat according to GAPS.
    (Aged about 43 I did a recommended juice fast for five days but extended it to 19 days until I felt like eating again. Enemas included. I was much better for years after).
    Now at age 76 I am afraid I will just drop below 100 pounds again. I have been monitored by my Doctor MD. plus. He was happy to do that as he did not have an answer. He said all my health markers are now very good with no medication. So would you recommend your 30-Day Detox for me?

  2. It’s hard to know exactly what is going on in your body. You could give the 30-day detox a try. Many people have been greatly helped with this program. I’m wondering if you might have parasites and the stress aggravates the situation. Parasites can cause extreme diarrhea. The parasite cleanse is part of week 2. The Kick Off of Week 1 is a Colon Cleanse with 3 -day veggie juice fast. You could always modify that. If you find that this jus isn’t working for you, you could return the cleanse kit for a full refund.


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