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Detoxification means cleansing your blood, intestinal tract, liver/gallbladder, kidneys and bladder, lungs, lymphatic system, brain—your whole body. This is done by removing impurities from your organs and systems of elimination. When these systems are compromised or overloaded with toxins and waste, impurities aren’t properly filtered and the body is under duress. You can feel sluggish and tired, bloated and out of sorts.
A while ago I heard a story on the radio as I was driving in a remote village in Africa where the people suddenly started getting very sick, some even died. A team of investigators was sent out from the closest major city to determine what was making the people sick. When they tested the water, they found that it was contaminated. They looked and looked for the source of the contamination but could not find it. Finally, they sent divers up the mountain to the source of the stream to see what they could find. They discovered that a mother pig and her piglets had fallen in and drowned. They were stuck right at the opening where the water flowed out hence contaminating the water.

As I heard this story, I thought about our bodies. Our blood must be cleansed by the liver. If it has contaminates stored up there, our blood and our whole body will be adversely affected. It will be like the contamination of the water in the African village. Many people try all sorts of diets, foods, supplements, and herbs to try to heal, gain energy, or lose weight. (Toxins can keep you from losing weight.) But just like the African villagers, until the source of the contamination is removed, nothing else is going to help a great deal.

Have you struggled with your health—disease, joint pain,  brain fog, insomnia, low energy, or your weight? Detoxing is a big part of changing your health and feeling more alive!

A detox program can help the body’s natural cleansing process by:
Testimony “This is the 3rd week for me [on the 30-Day Detox] and I was so happy to look in the mirror and see ALL the cellulite in the back area GONE!! The skin is as smooth and toned as could be, without having worked out since we started. Wow, just wow! Keep up the work, everyone, it’s so worth it.”  —Jonida

De-stress goes along with detoxing the body.
I recommend the App Centering Prayer. It’s free. It’s a beautiful way to start the day, even if you only have a few minutes. It starts with a Scripture, then music. You set the timer of the App for the number of minutes you want to sit in silence and meditate. I chose 5 minutes. Then the alarm sounds, which is the music of your choice. The music plays for a minute and you end with a written prayer or a word of your choice. Feel your body calm down and relax as you sit in quiet with God.

Raw Food and Juice Retreat
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