Sugar-KnockoutThe Sugar Knockout

Best-selling author and health expert The Juice Lady Cherie Calbom shares her unique expertise and knowledge in this thirty-day guide to lower your sugar intake and achieve better health.

…according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), yet there is massive confusion on the subject of sugar sweeteners.

  • Get the facts, lose excess weight, feel energized, and improve your overall health by learning about:
  • The problems with artificial sweeteners and why they are not the optimal choice for you and your family
  • How to substitute healthy sweeteners in delicious juices, smoothies, living food recipes, and yummy desserts.
  • The many effects of fructose on the liver
  • And much more!

Ten Signs You Might Be Addicted to Sugar

  • You have belly fat.
  • You can’t stop eating sweets once you start.
  • You crave sugar and carbs.
  • You rely on sweets for emotional support or comfort.
  • You have high blood sugar
  • You eat sweets even if you’re not hungry.
  • You get excited about desserts, sweet drinks, or sugary snacks
  • You feel embarrassed about eating all the sweets you consume or you hide them.
  • You feel agitated, irritable, can’t sleep well, or suffer withdrawal symptoms if you don’t get sweets, refined carbohydrates, or starch each day.
  • You feel out of control when it comes to your sweet tooth.
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