Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer

This is the juicer the world has asked for…and has been waiting for.

Cherie’s Top Pick

You don’t have to stand and push produce through the juicer. You put it all in the juicer container, turn it on, and it juices for you.


I can walk away and do other things while it juices. So cool!  I know you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!

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The Revolutionary Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer

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For just $450, you can have this lovely smaller size Nama.

It’s a smaller version of the Nama J2—perfect for travel, smaller kitchens, dorm rooms, and campers.

It’s compact, lightweight, and perfect for small batch juicing!

Here’s 10 Reasons Why You’ll LOVE It!

  1. The ultimate travel juicer 
  2. A hands-free juicer in a convenient, compact size
  3. Smaller but just as powerful as the J2
    Easy to Clean
    Portable—weighs less than 10 lb.
  4. Great for smaller kitchens and to display on your counter
  5. Make great-tasting, single-serve juices   
  6. Great for college students 
  7. Ideal for any one new to juicing 
  8. Great for beginner juicers; more accessible starter juicing 
  9. Optimally designed to take up the least amount of space while making the highest quality juice

For JUICING with the J3

  • Best for single-serve juices and wellness shots
  • Cut ingredients smaller than you would for the J2 to ensure you maximize the space in the hopper
  • Juice directly into the 17-ounce glass bottle (it will fit under the pour spout!) 
  • You don’t need a strainer—the juice comes out nearly pulp-free in the Nama J3 
  • When making nut milk, to avoid possible jamming, add smaller amounts of liquid and nuts into the hopper in a ratio of two-parts liquid to one-part nuts. For example, add half a cup of liquid and a quarter cup of nuts, allow the machine to process this, and then repeat until the recipe is complete.

For CLEAN UP of the J3

  • It’s even easier to clean than the J2 because the parts are smaller and lighter 
  • Disassemble and clean in under 10 minutes 

For STORAGE of the J3

  • We’d love to see all the places you can fit the J3 – under the counter, in a small cabinet, or in your car for a road trip 


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Meet the Nama Vitality 5800 | J1


Multiple strainers to create juices, smoothies, nut milks, and sorbets.

Pure Press Technology™

Nutrient Dense

Maximizes the extraction of the micronutrients that our bodies need to function at their best.

Maximum Juice

Get every last drop of nature’s liquid sunshine out of your fruits and vegetables.

Juice Strainer

Like your juice without pulp? The micro-holes will keep the pulp from getting into your juice.


Smoothie Strainer

Larger holes allow more pulp and fiber into your juice.

Sorbet Strainer

Treat yourself to more than juice with healthy frozen desserts.


Ready to Get Started?

Visit our Beginner’s Guide for helpful tips and juicing topics to help you on your path to wellness!