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Watch Cherie on WCBS Live from the Couch, Jordin Rubin and Cherie on Living Beyond Organic making healthy ice cream, and three segments with Dr. Mercola as they discuss the world of juicing. As George Foreman’s personal nutritionist, watch Cherie on his infomercials. Then see Cherie on Day Star, and with Dr. Judy Seeger, ND as they discuss juicing and nutrition tips for those with cancer including what to feed a child with cancer on Cancer Answers.

Cherie Calbom MSN holds a Master of Science degree in whole foods nutrition from Bastyr University. Known as “The Juice Lady” for her work with juicing and health, she is the author of 35 books including The Big Book of Juices and Green Smoothies and her latest Skinny Sipping.

She and her husband offer Juice and Raw Foods Retreat throughout the year, 30-Day Detox and other weight loss programs. She has lectured worldwide on juicing, detoxing and fasting including consulting for the Royal Family of the UAE. Winner of the TTAC Lifetime Achievement Award for her work with juicing and detoxification, her blogs and books on juicing, cleansing and health have helped thousands of people live healthier lives. She has appeared on CNN, Fox News, and WCBS/NY. Her articles have appeared in NY Daily News, Miami Herald, Essence Magazine, First for Women, and Woman’s World.  You can connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.

Cherie on “Live from the Couch” WCBS


Cherie Calbom, George Forman's Personal Nutritionist

Cherie Calbom, George Forman’s Personal Nutritionist

Cherie on George Foreman’s Knockout Out the Fat Grilling Infomercial with the Lean, Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine.

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Cherie appeared in 3 of the Foreman Grill Infomercials.
Cherie also appeared on QVC for 13 years with the George Foreman Grills.  She was the top seller in Housewares with Small Electrics for nearly a decade.


Jordin Rubin and Cherie on Living Beyond Organic making healthy ice cream and MORE!

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Cherie Calbom Winner of the 2019 
Global Health & Pharma



Cherie and Dr. Mercola discuss the world of juicing and health.

Cherie with Marcus & Joni on DayStar

Cherie with Marcus & Joni on DayStar

Cherie on DAYSTAR with Marcus and Joni!

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Watch Cherie Juicing Behind the Scenes on The Green Room on Daystar

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Watch Cherie on Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural!”

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Interview with Diana Previs “Happy Gut; Healthy Lives”

Your digestive health is very important to your overall health and happiness. Learn what you can do to improve your gut health.

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Cherie Calbom on WOCA-AM Radio 

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Cherie Calbom on PodCast Radio

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  Cherie Calbom on Anti-Inflammation on PodCast Radio

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Helping you to get fit and stay healthy, naturally!

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Cherie’s Sugar Knockout Media Campaign Has Reached More than 250 Million People!!


The 10 Step Sugar Detox Plan for You and Your Children

“We think we’re so advanced in 2016, yet when it comes to health and a nutritious diet, many of us have a long way to go.”


Cutting Sugar’s Umbilical Cord: The Danger of Sugar

“We already knew it was very bad for us, but alarming new evidence just keeps pouring in.”

Read the Daily Meal article


5 Nutritionist-Approved Ways to Tame Your Sweet Tooth

“The toxicity of excessive sugar consumption is well-documented, yet it’s so prevalent in our packaged foods that we may be digesting it without knowing it.” 

Read the Essence article



Kick Sugar Addiction

“Many are unwittingly addicted to sugar, but they can kick the sugar addiction.”

Health Icon Cherie Calbom Helps People Kick the Sugar Addiction

Nutritionist and juicing pioneer Cherie Calbom, MS, CN, tackles a widespread dietary challenge and helps people kick the sugar addiction with “The Juice Lady’s Sugar Knockout.”

 Read the Miami Herald article…


The 10-Step Sugar Detox Plan For You And Your Children

” …when it comes to health and a nutritious diet, many of us have a long way to go.”

For adults who crave candy and ice cream almost as much as their children, the bad news on sugar continues to pour in. Earlier this year, research into sugar’s deleterious effects showed a connection to cancer, heart disease and diabetes. More recently, the American Dental Association reminded parents just how bad sugar is for their children’s teeth.

Read the Examiner article…


Sweet relief: Here are 10 ways to kick your daily sugar habit.

“Numerous studies on sugar have shown it’s as addictive as cocaine.”

While soda consumption falls to a 30-year low, sugar intake rises to an all time high in other arenas. Your morning latte may have as much as 25 teaspoons of sugar, according to Action on Sugar, a British campaign group. Health campaigns working against excess sugar intake have been picking up momentum in recent years. And they’re not alone. Numerous studies on sugar have shown it’s as addictive as cocaine.

Read The NY Daily News article.


Juicing It Up With Babies and Kids!

What kid doesn’t love juice if it tastes yummy?  A delicious vegetable—fruit juice combination is a great way to get more nutrition into your child’s growing body.  There has been a lot of concern in recent years about juice containing too much sugar for kids.  That’s simply not true if you juice mostly vegetables and add a little fruit to sweeten and flavor the combo.

“We rarely hear any caution about giving kids milk. But an 8-ounce glass of milk has 12 g of milk sugar (lactose)…

We rarely hear any caution about giving kids milk. But an 8-ounce glass of milk has 12 g of milk sugar (lactose) whereas one apple, which is what most recipes call for to sweeten a veggie combo, yields about 1/3 cup of juice and about 9 g of fruit sugar.

Read the SHARECARE article.


3 Reasons To Ditch Sugar That Might Surprise You!

Sugar consumption has risen to an all-time high. The average American eats somewhere around 20 teaspoons of sugar every day. However, some people are consuming much more. Some Starbucks may have as much as 25 teaspoons of sugar in one drink, according to Action on Sugar, a British campaign group.

In the ice cream study researchers concluded that cravings for ice cream were “similar to a drug addict’s cravings for drugs.

There was a time not that long ago when sugar was mostly in desserts. Now, it’s showing up in everyday foods like peanut butter, marinara sauce, and yogurt. You may have heard that sugar wrecks your teeth, packs on the pounds, and can contribute to diabetes.  But you may not know about other problems that are linked to a sweet tooth.

Read the WELLNESS article.


Miraculous Path to Healthy Living is Helping Millions

“Cherie’s story of tragedy to triumph and how her program has helped millions of people worldwide regain their health.”


Get Juiced!

“More than a dietary fad, juicing can change your life. Here are the essentials for drinking your way to better health.”


Juicing for Babies and Kids!

“Can I juice while I’m pregnant?  It’s important to kill all harmful microbes, like toxoplasma, which is a parasite that can linger on unwashed fruits and veggies as well as foods such as undercooked meat.”  



Sarah Lost 20 Pounds on the Cherie’s Turbo Diet

“Broadcaster featured in Turbo Diet story.”

and landed on the cover of Woman’s World Magazine!


Cherie with Dr. Oz – #1 Fat Cure

Cherie joined Dr. Oz in a article for First for Women on green juice as the #1 fat cure.


Grab Your Juice Fast and Go Healthy This Year

Fear not! The New Year is your chance to hit the reset button and go healthy.  One study showed that people gain weight between October and December and another one to three pounds between Christmas and New Year. About half the weight was lost quickly, but the other half hung around for a while.  Read the Article!


Keynote Speaker – The Truth About Cancer Live Symposium, October 2019.

Keynote Speaker – Speaker at Ultimate Live Symposium, October 2017.

Keynote Speaker – Speaker at Ultimate Live Symposium, Dallas, Texas October 2016.


Keynote Speaker – The Nutrition, Aesthetics, Vitality, Efficacy, Life (NAVEL) Expo.

Cheri is the Covergirl and Keynote speaker for The Nutrition, Aesthetics, Vitality, Efficacy, Life (NAVEL) Expo, bringing together the very best integrative, wellness-oriented, prevention-minded healers, authors and inspirational figures from around the country. This event inspires the thousands of people who attend, to take their life to a whole new level in every area they consider important. From health to success, from thriving relationships to personal happiness. It’s the celebration of your life!

Keynote Speaker – Healing Strong Holistic Cancer Conference and Retreat, Atlanta, Ga.

Healing Strong is a cancer resource organization educating, connecting, and encouraging those seeking comprehensive, natural strategies to heal strong and stay strong.

Winner of The Lifetime Achievement Award from TTAC.

Cherie’s Experience with Infomercials and Selling on QVC

  • Cherie had the ideas in the very beginning for selling and positioning the GF grill in the infomercial and QVC. Watch the clip. It was her idea to position many grills on the set so that she could walk down the line and show all the different foods you could prepare on the grill. SHE WANTED IT TO BE FAST—-BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. You can grill this in 1.5 minutes, this one in 3 minutes, this one in 2.75 minutes …
  • It was Cherie’s recipes for the infomercial, QVC and the cookbook she wrote for George that were very popular.
  • Cherie was the top seller in small electrics on QVC for most of the 13 years the GF Grill was on the air. For several years, she sold $1 million in grills in 10 minutes a show on Sunday with Bob in the Kitchen. Cherie outsold everyone! It was clips of her presentation at QVC that they used in training new presenters of products on QVC.  They said she was a sterling example of how to create the “WOW FACTOR!” on QVC.
  • Cherie was the only talent for the demo video on how to use the grill. it was included in the grill box. She prepared 12 recipes on grills for that video.
  • Cherie appeared in many of the Juiceman Juicer Infomercials. When Trillium did the Juicing Seminars nationwide, Cherie was the top seller of juicers, even out-selling the Juiceman.
  • Juicing worldwide. Cherie’s Juicing for Life book was translated into 23 languages. Arabic was one. That book made it to the palace of the UAE. Her Royal Highness invited Cherie to their country where she was the keynote speaker for a GALA Juice Party with the Palace Servants presenting her juices on gold trays. It was a spectacular evening. She juiced for 100 ladies— 70 Sheikhas and 23 Ambassadors’ wives.