The Juice Lady’s Living Foods Revolution

It’s time for your journey to begin.

This book can change your life by helping you find the healing, vitality-producing power of living foods. You don’t have to become an all-raw foodist. Juicing and green smoothies represent one way to help you reach that goal quickly and easily.

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The revolution has begun. Let it continue with you!

I changed my life years ago when I discovered the healing power of freshly made juice and raw and whole foods. When I turned thirty, I had to quit my job due to chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.  I felt as though I had the never-ending flu. Constantly feverish with swollen glands and perennially lethargic, I was also in constant pain.

My body ached as though I’d been bounced around in a washing machine. But not one doctor had an answer as to what I should do to facilitate healing. I decided that everything I’d been doing-like eating fast food, granola for dinner, and not eating vegetables was tearing down my health rather than healing my body. I read about juicing and whole foods, and it made sense, so I gave it a try. One morning I woke up early-I and felt like someone had given me a new body in the night. What a wonderful sense of being alive! I looked and felt completely renewed.

Good health is the result of consuming whole, unprocessed, clean food with a large percentage of that being raw and alive. These foods are chock-full of nutrients, water, and fiber that flush away toxins, waste, and “sludge” from our cells and intercellular fluids. They help us prevent disease. They alkalize our bodies and help us restore our pH balance. And they give our cells vital light rays of energy to help them communicate more effectively and produce energy more efficiently.

The Juice Lady’s Living Foods Revolution contains a Menu Planner and Guide as well as delicious recipes that will start you on your way to better health. Helping people change the way they think about food is the true meaning of preventative medicine.  With chapters on weight loss, yeast overgrowth, adrenal and thyroid health, and scores of juices, smoothies, and living foods, you’ll have everything you need to create vibrant health!

The revolution has begun. Let it continue with you!

Did you know?

You can get a tan by eating vegetables? It’s true. A study led by Dr. Ian Stephen at The University of Nottingham showed that a diet of fruits and vegetables may provide you with a better skin tone than the sun. The research showed that the best way to achieve that golden glow is to munch on fruits and veggies such as carrots, broccoli, spinach, and tomatoes.
If you’ve thought sleeping was a waste of time, you don’t need to feel guilty about sleeping ever again. There are hormones that make you hungry and hormones that control your appetite. And research shows they are significantly influenced by how much sleep you get. • Five major appetite-influencing hormones can get out of whack when you don’t get enough sleep, which significantly affects how much food you eat.
It’s estimated that the average adult has between 5 and 10 pounds of accumulated toxic waste in their cells, tissues, and organs, particularly the colon. (That’s 5 to 10 pounds we could really feel great about dropping!) Because of all the pollution in our world and our occasional, or maybe constant, unwise food choices, our normal body processes can get overwhelmed. Our body attempts to protect us by enclosing toxins in mucus and fat cells, and it will hang onto those fat cells to save us. We may not be able to lose weight unless we cleanse our system
It’s not just another fat. Cellulite is that lumpy, bumpy orange-peel-looking stuff that consists of irregular fat deposits. Because it’s quite different from your garden-variety kind of pudgy fat, cellulite has to be tackled uniquely. It is associated with poorly functioning blood vessels, constipation, poor lymphatic drainage, and toxicity. If blood vessels are weak and sluggish, fluids and toxins will accumulate quickly, making it difficult for the body to burn fat in the affected areas.
Living foods support thyroid and adrenal health: Could poor thyroid function be making you sick, tired, or overweight? Your thyroid is a key gland that’s tied to every other system in your body. When it’s out of balance, you’re out of balance.