The Comprehensive

30-Day Detox

A Four Week E-Class Detox Program that will change your life!

Need More Energy? Focus? Weight Loss?

Maybe you’re toxic. Detoxing is designed to clear your body of toxins, contaminants, waste, and heavy metals that can accumulate in joints, organs, tissues, cells, the lymphatic system, and the bloodstream.

If you are ready to get rid of the breeding ground for illness and disease and to dump the toxins that make your cells fat and sick, please join me for my Comprehensive 30-Day Detox program.

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Detoxing can energize your entire system.

  • Lose Weight16314040_xl

  • Eliminate Brain Fog

  • Increase Energy

  • Balance Hormones

  • Clear Skin

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Improve Sleep

  • Increase Vitality

Health-robbing pollutants can come from a number of sources, including pesticides, environmental chemicals and contaminants, household products, beauty products, processed foods, packaging agents, alcohol, prescription and non-prescription drugs, and by-products of our own metabolism. By giving your body a break from heavy foods and a chance to get rid of its toxic load, you can experience major health improvements. If you richly nourish yourself with nutrient-dense foods, fresh organic juices, green smoothies, supplements, purified water, and exercise, you can reach a new level of health, vitality, and energy. A detox program can also help to clear brain fog and improve your mental clarity and emotional stability; balance blood sugar, reduce cravings; and increase strength, resiliency, and stamina.

How Toxic Are You?

Toxicity in your body can express itself in a staggering array of symptoms, which include chronic digestive complaints, sleep problems, joint problems, mental and emotional problems, skin conditions, chronic fatigue, persistent allergies, frequent colds or flu, head and body aches, lethargy, weight gain, irritability, and mental fog. (If you experience any of these symptoms on a regular basis, however, it’s important to see your doctor to rule out other possible conditions.)

The Comprehensive 30-Day Detox Program is designed to help you clear toxins from the organs and systems of your body. It is a 4-step program with choices from good, better, to best options. You can eat whole foods and juice or you can just juice and drink smoothies for some of the days. You can tailor the food portion of your program to meet your needs including protein needs. If you have a special occasion during this month, you can enjoy the event and then go right back on your dietary program.

Health Benefits Through Detoxification

Normally, our organs and systems of detoxification —liver, kidneys, intestinal tract, lymphatics, lungs, and skin—could successfully eliminate most contaminants. But in our modern toxic world, many people are overwhelmed with all the toxins their bodies must process on a regular basis. The health benefits of detoxing are numerous and significant. Often people say they experience benefits in just a few days such as greater energy, brain power, and vitality. Other important benefits include improved digestion, a stronger immune system, better sleep, reduced inflammation, balanced blood sugar, improved circulation, weight loss, balanced hormones, clearer skin, and a greater sense of well-being. Long-term exposure to toxins has been linked to numerous types of cancer, diabetes, and other chronic, health conditions.

detox-pearsAre you ready to get started?

You can “JUMP INTO” the group at any time! I’m going to cleanse with you.  I’ll be coaching you all the way and giving you updates on what I’m doing.  You’ll also be invited to our private Facebook page. You can ask me direct questions on the private closed Facebook page.

You will have many options for what to eat —from an all-vegetable fast to juicing and/or smoothie days and various combinations. You can tailor your detox diet to make the program work for you including protein as you need.

The 30 Day Detox Program consists of 4 weeks and 4 parts:

  • Week 1 -Colon Cleanse

  • Week 2 -Liver-Gallbladder and Parasite Cleanse

  • Week 3 -Kidney/Gallbladder and Lung

  • Week 4 -Lymphatic and Skin and Blood

With these lessons plus Facebook and email coaching, I will guide you thru detoxing to a new, healthier you in 30 days!

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I want to say that I am enjoying this 30 day detox. I’m on my 11th day of the program and I haven’t felt this great in a long time. My skin has never looked this great and rejuvenated. And I haven’t started lesson 4 yet.  I have lost 6 lbs since I last weighed myself in November of 2020.  My libido has increased and my body feels healthy and I feel great.  —Karen

Cherie, I did the 30 day detox in the Spring. Have felt pretty incredible since. Just had a follow up with my Naturopath. She was concerned about my estrogen last time but agreed to check my blood again after doing your detox. I went from 44 to 112…so she was very pleased. She also said in the 13 years she’s worked with me that I always had some inflammatory markers. This was the first the first time I had absolutely no inflammation! Also my Thyroglobin (hashimoto’s) went from 125.9 to 119.6. Going to do another 30 day detox in October. Thanks again!!!  –Elle

“Detox helped me get more sleep.. It actually helped me with insomnia I was dealing with. I don’t know what was it exactly that happened but this definitely set me in a mood to sleep every night afterwards, but this was just an additional bonus on top of making me feel much better overall.”  – Anna

“This is the 3rd week for me and was so happy to look in the mirror and see ALL the cellulite in the back area GONE!! The skin is as smooth and toned as could be, without having worked out since we started. Wow, just wow! Keep up the work, everyone, it’s so worth it. Also, I am not weighing till Monday but I can tell I’ve lost a lot.”  —Jonida

“I have been through 7 operations/procedures in the past two years with breast cancer, double mastectomies, and reconstructions, so I had a lot of toxins to release. I have lost 7-1/2 lbs, lost a lot of cellulite!!! and almost all my pain and discomfort, at the age of 72.  I am very happy with the cleanse. I plan to include juices in our diet from now on.  I had already been off sugar and gluten for three years, but the body clings to many “unfriendlies” over the years that we need to get rid of.” —Irene

“Yesterday was my last day of the 30 Day Detox Challenge and I cannot tell you how great I feel! My body feels so clean! I have mental clarity and energy like no other. My skin is glowing…people who see me say “you look great”… I have had others ask my friends – what is Karen doing…she looks great! I have lost weight…I didn’t weigh before I started because my goal was not to lose weight as much as it was to detox. Weight loss is just a by product of doing what is good for the body. I would have to say I have lost 15 pounds at least. I believe in detoxing the body and your program has been awesome. I hope you keep us up to date on upcoming challenges. I do want to be part of the group that you set up for the juicing recipes etc. May God continue to use you to help others restore their health!” — Karen

“I want you to know that this 30 day challenge has been a great experience. I have lost 15 pounds, feel so much better, less bloated and more energy. My sense of smell has been sharper. Your expertise and support has been wonderful with all of us. It has been great reading the comments from others and supporting each other in this group. Already planning on doing this again in 6 months to reach deeper in obtaining a higher level of health. I will be starting the JumpStart diet tomorrow and looking forward to losing more weight. Thanks so much for your help. By the way, this has been 30 days with no coffee and never missed it!”  Claudia

“I wanted to give you a review of the 30 Day Detox to let you know how much you’ve changed my life and my husband’s life!
Our health journey started a little over 3 years ago when we watched “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”. I liked the idea of getting more nutrition in our diets and I wanted to see if juicing made us feel better in general. I wanted to try juicing, and a friend told me to look up “the Juice Lady.”  After that, I think I read three or four of your books in a row.  By far, my favorite is “Juicing, Fasting, and Detoxing for Life.”  I refer back to it regularly to this day. I was looking at our bodies, health, and nutrition with new eyes.
I began juicing for us and made changes to our diet.  I started gradually at first.  My husband’s energy had improved. I want to say THANK YOU for your work, your wisdom, and for changing our lives. When I read “Juicing, Fasting…” and realized that my husband was exhibiting several of the same symptoms my dad had always dealt with, I was terrified that I would lose him prematurely like my mom lost my dad.  I absolutely believe the Lord gave me the desire and interest to educate myself about health and nutrition so that I could help my husband heal his body before those “minor” dysfunctions gave way to much more serious illness and disease.  I also believe the Lord led me to your work so that I could learn what I needed to learn in order to make the changes we needed to make.  So again, THANK YOU.”  
“Today completes my 30 day detox! I just wanted to thank you so much for the program. I feel so clean, feel like I have gotten rid of so many toxins and am so pleased with how pleasant this detox was for me over all! You have also inspired me to continue fresh juices as a daily habit and I know my health will continue to improve and my body benefit from this new level of added nutrition. Thank you so much for sharing what you have learned and letting me benefit!”—Cendrine

“I’m in week 2 and I want to report that I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! I have to admit that I’ve been having a tough time following all the schedule and drinking some of the recommended concoctions…but it is starting to pay off. Sleeping SO MUCH BETTER, brain fog is gone. Overall I have so much more energy! And the bonus is that I’m seeing numbers on my weight scale that I haven’t seen in 27 years…I’m down to pre-pregnancy weight and I’M SO THANKFUL!! Thank you Cherie!! It has been tough but I am going to make it. Persevere… you will make it too and it’s so worth it!! –Karen

“I  am writing to let you know that I just finished a 21 day fast strictly juicing using organic carrots, kale, fine herbs, a bit of pineapple and slide Essiac Tea.  My husband had purchased your books after hearing you on Sid Roth’s program.  After 14 days on the fast, I ordered your book on “juice fasting” which was very helpful.  A few weeks before starting the fast I had been tested by a naturopathic doctor.  I made an appointment with her to be re-tested the last day of my 21 day fast. She had never seen so much improvement with a client in just a month! I am encouraged and determined to pursue my effort to detox at 68 years old! I thank God for your insights, depth of research on the subject, and your persistence in helping people to better understand and respect our bodies: physically, emotionally and spiritually.” —Suzanne

“I have detoxed several different ways over the years – Para Cleanse – Fasting – Juicing – Foot Detox – Life Vessel to name a few! However- this fast (it’s a 3-5 day fast; then a healthy diet to follow) with Cherie Calbom is AMAZING! The Blessed Herbs Colon Cleansing Kit and the Internal Cleansing Kit is worth every penny!!!! It is too confusing for me to try this 30 day detox on my own, but the Kit has a daily calendar to follow & Cherie’s lessons,  counseling & recipes make it all easy! I am excited to be an Energetic Person in 2016!!!  Looking forward to the journey to great health!”  —Mary Alice

“I’m so excited! After years of being in constant pain, doing the juicing and colon cleanse has alleviated a good portion of the pain. I can’t wait for the next phase (of the cleanse program)! Thanks for being such a great leader and health advocate. Cheers to you! —Tracey

Her Cyst Is Gone

“This is my 6th day of juicing and I am surprised at how well I have done. 
I have noticed 2 things in particular since I started: 1. The best thing is) no sugar craving at all; no desire for chocolate even though it has been offered to me and it is in my cupboard. No more fuzzy sugar brain. 
2. I had a small lump in my groin for about 4 months. The doctor said it was a cyst, but nothing to worry about.  It was painful to touch, about the size of a peanut M&M. Well it’s gone! Just gone!  It’s just not there anymore and no pain. 
As I have been doing so well, I think I will continue on with the 10 Step Sugar Detox.”   —T

“I think my cleanse last week may have been my thirteenth.  I am to the point where I look forward to a liver cleanse and even crave the morning garlic drink!  I’m so grateful to have found your detoxing book.  I’m slowly recuperating from a health crisis and it has been instrumental.  Thank you!  One interesting side effect:  I am now a veggie fanatic!  I used to design meals around the protein and starches and try to fit a veggie on the plate.  Now I find myself deciding on veggies first.  Yum!  —Krista, January

My friend Rebecca recently finished your colon cleanse, followed by the internal cleanse using your Blessed Herb kit. I was so excited to see she had lost 30 lbs. and felt so good. Her headaches were gone and her skin looked wonderful! She looked so relaxed that I decided I wanted to do it as well. Being such a good friend she wanted me to get healthy too so she surprised me and ordered the two cleanses for me as well.   I am looking forward to starting the cleanse with the group and the private Facebook support.—Valerie

“I am in week 2 day 6 (of the 30-Day Detox Challenge). But I have already seen some dramatic results. I just washed my hair and it was so manageable and shiny!  I have not been able to achieve this with all the products I have purchased. Also my face is so much brighter and the texture seems smoother. And my lips are very pink now. I look younger!” —Dee 

“Cherie, I just wanted to say thank you for 30 great days. The juices were awesome and I lost 15 pounds. Thank you.” – Christine  “I am very grateful for the 30-day detox I did with you and will sign up for the next one, too. I lost 8 lbs and have kept it off (I’m pretty thin, but want to lose a bit more). What’s helpful is that I got into an eating pattern I’m finding it easy to maintain, and if I have a party or a dinner, it’s easy to get back on track. I’ve also shrunk my stomach so I stop eating sooner, and find myself satisfied with less food. It’s all awesome and thank you so much. Thank you and all the best. “– Anne 

“What an amazing class. I would have never made it thru without Cherie’s guidance. The group experience was beyond helpful. People across the world took part. So much healing in people. People lost from 8 to 30 pounds and felt so much better. My skin is glowing and hair so shiny! I lost the stubborn last 8 pounds that plague so many along with achy joints.  Thank you, Cherie”. – B.W. 

“Cherie, I love your attitude and willingness to be flexible! I agree, we all can learn so much from one another and sharing experiences are so valuable. This challenge is just such a pleasant experience and with your participation and caring it’s so much more than I expected. Thank you, Cherie Calbom!” —Mary

“I have continued to juice even after the 30 day cleanse. We are now in Spring here in Brazil. Last year I was deadly sick with allergies and sever asthma at this time of year. This year I have no allergies, my sinuses are clear (I always have infections) and I have had no asthma symptom and I do not need to take my medicine. My husband is suffering with allergies and bronchitis. I have to get him juicing also. Just wanted to encourage you to keep on trucking with the juicing, you do eventually see results”. —Sophia 

“After the first few days of detox, I feel much clearer minded.  Prayer time was much more clear as well.”  —Deborah

“This was the first time I ever, written about any kind of diet [30-Day Detox].  The first week was sooo hard, but I am glad I made it through the whole four weeks.  I have not taken any sinus meds since and have no headaches. I only have mild knee pain compared to the level of knee and elbow pain I have had for more than eight months while taking NSAIDs. This was ALL my doctor could do for me. I only take are vitamins now! I have just purchased The Juice Lady’s Anti-inflammation Diet book and am devouring it now.  Thanks so very much for all you do.” —Lou Ann