The Juice Lady’s Sipping Skinny

You CAN be Ready for the Holidays!!!

If you just overindulged or if you have been carrying extra weight for a lifetime, you can sip off the pounds in a healthy way!!!
If you’re ready to melt away fat, this program is for you. It can help you in balancing your blood sugar, boosting your metabolism, and gaining more energy.


  • No expensive meals to buy. Save money while you make healthy choices.
  • No complicated diet plan. Just sip your way to losing weight.
  • No more boredom with juice, smoothies, or bone broth. Drink them all! Change it up!
  • This book is unique because the author brings all the beverage options together under one cover.

I want to share some excerpts from Sipping Skinny. You’ll see why this program works and why it’s so popular.

Excerpts from my book!

“Liquid dieting with fresh, raw vegetable and fruit juices, smoothies, soups, and broths along with various flavored waters exponentially increases the amount of nutrition you can give your body at any time and boosts your metabolism. When you extract the nutrient-dense liquid from vegetables and fruit in their fresh, raw state, or puree the vegetables and fruit into a liquid, you are condensing virtually all the nutrition they contain into an easily consumable, easily digestible, and highly absorbable food. So when you follow the Sipping Skinny [Weight Loss] Program, you will basically be delivering all those nourishing, healing, energy-boosting vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, biophotons, and enzymes directly into your cells. And let me tell you, your cells will love it! In fact, the more nutrient-depleted and toxic a body is, the more the body’s cells will gobble up those precious nutrients and beg for more.

Another reason liquid dieting with vegetables and fruit yields such superior results is it gives the digestive system the opportunity to rest. The digestive system is constantly working, breaking down food, shuttling off nutrients to where they are needed in the body, converting excess glucose to fat and fat to glucose. The digestive system constantly requires energy to continue working. When you follow a liquid diet like Sipping Skinny, your digestive system doesn’t have much of a job to do. Your food has already been broken down mechanically by a juicer or blender into a bioavailable form. As you drink your juice, smoothie, broth, or soup, it quickly slides down through the digestive system, and then the nutrients get absorbed through the walls of the small intestines into the bloodstream. In as little as twenty minutes from consuming your liquid meal, all those detoxifying, life-giving nutrients are already feeding your cells. This means the energy that previously would go to your digestive system so it could do its job can now be reallocated to other parts of the body in need of repair and rejuvenation. This means detoxifying, healing, and ultimately weight loss.

The third main reason you want to choose Sipping Skinny when it comes to liquid diets is that of two letters: pH. Think back to high school chemistry class for a second. Remember that pH refers to how acidic or alkaline a substance is. The scale ranges from 0 to 14, with 7.0 being neutral. Anything above 7.0 is alkaline, while anything below 7.0 is acidic. The human body is happiest when its blood is slightly alkaline, between 7.35 and 7.45, but unfortunately, many people favor eating more acid-producing foods than alkaline-forming foods. Sipping Skinny to the rescue! At this point, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that some of the most alkaline foods you can eat include vegetables and fruit; therefore, fresh, raw vegetable and fruit juices and smoothies, as well as vegetable soups and broths, are incredibly alkalizing for the body. Consuming a high-alkaline liquid diet makes weight loss easier than ever because the nutrients are so easily absorbed and quickly utilized to alkalize and energize the body on the spot.”

Adding juices and smoothies to your diet can help you lose weight and improve your health. (A recent study at China Medical University showed that drinking a glass of tomato juice each day helped twenty-five women lose weight.) But replacing a meal or two each day can dramatically speed weight loss. You can make a meal-replacement smoothie or choose a glass of fresh juice. Or you can sip bone broth for a meal or two, or a day or two and watch the pounds melt away.

Other drinks that will help you lose weight include apple cider, electrolyte replacers, teas, flavored water, lemon juice, and honey with water. Until now people have focused primarily on one beverage for weight loss. I encourage you to look at all of them and their potential as weight-loss helpers.

Why be limited to one type of drink? Why not try them all for an interesting time “sipping skinny”?

It’s more than just a way to lose weight. It’s a way to gain health and vitality!

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