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What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is the presence of  “orange peel” skin or what is called the “mattress” phenomenon, which is characterized by flattish protrusions and depressions of the skin. I don’t really need to tell you, though. You know. It’s that lumpy stuff that commonly appears on the thighs and buttocks, indicating the adipose (fat cell) tissue has undergone degenerative changes.

The Juice Cure

Various juices are very helpful in getting rid of cellulite such as carrot and nettles juice, radish and tomato, and cucumber and lemon. Get the recipes for the juices along with the vitamins and herbs in my Cellulite Cure book.

Detox Is An Important Part of Curing Cellulite

As we age, the layer just below the dermis (corium layer) becomes thinner and looser, allowing more fat cells to migrate into the dermal layer (true skin). The connective tissue walls between fat cells become thinner, allowing the fat cells to enlarge. Toxins build up over time in the dermal layer, which is related to decreased lymphatic drainage, and consequently, waste and water collect around the fat cells. In short, is a pocket of toxins, water, and fat held in place. All this creates the “peau d’orange” or orange peel appearance.

An important part of getting rid of cellulite is to detox the organs and systems of elimination in the body including the colon, liver, and lymphatic system. An excellent program to accomplish this is the 30-Day Detox program.

These Ladies Got Rid of Their Cellulite

“This is the 3rd week for me and was so happy to look in the mirror and see ALL the cellulite in the back area GONE!! The skin is as smooth and toned as could be, without having worked out since we started. Wow, just wow! Keep up the work, everyone, it’s so worth it. Also, I am not weighing till Monday but I can tell I’ve lost a lot :)” —Jonida

“I have also lost cellulite but it was so hard to believe, I didn’t say anything (and I have a little more to lose). Thanks for mentioning this. It’s a confirmation for me!”— Nancy Jo

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