The Big Berkey is more than a filter. It removes 200+ unsafe contaminants.

The Water Your Family Drinks Should Be Safe

21,000,000 Americans drink water that violates U.S. health standards.

Berkey water filter systems are actually water purifiers because they remove bacteria and viruses that conventional filters cannot.

The Big Berkey Water Filter is stainless steel Spigot Bundle. This is the most popular model and the one I’ve chosen. It is the size recommended for 2-4 people with a 2-filter configuration. I also recommend you add the fluoride filter. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

The System Pro Kit includes a Filter Priming Kit, two vials of red dye for testing, an anti-airlock clip, and a Boroux Basics bottle.

Run by Our Family, For Your Family.

As a family-owned company, we understand the need to protect your loved ones. That is why we are passionate about raising awareness on water quality concerns, and providing the peace of mind that comes from taking control of your water. Berkey water filters use a natural process to remove harmful contaminants, returning your water to its natural state. Berkey Filters, bringing the power of water to you.