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4 Tips for Stress-Free Shopping!

4 Tips for Stress-Free Shopping!

1. Set a budget and make a list. Deciding in advance what you are willing to spend on individual gifts will save you from making impulse buys that put you over your total budget. List out who you are shopping for and break down your total gift budget into what you can spend for each individual gift.

2. Do your research. Get an idea of your recipient’s style and needs before you set out. Browsing their Pinboards, doing a quick search for their Amazon wish list, etcetera, will give you a good place to start without removing the element of surprise.

3. Comparison shop and check for discounts. If you are shopping online this is easiest — compare prices between retailers and do a quick search for relevant coupon codes, which tend to be abundant this time of year. I also like to search sites like Etsy to see if I can find a handmade version of items like housewares or jewelry — you tend to get more value at a fair price.

4. Get creative. Waited too long? You can purchase DIY printable gifts like calendars and recipe cards off of sites like Etsy in a pinch, put together a custom gift basket with items from your local specialty food store, or pot an easy-care houseplant like a succulent in an interesting vessel.

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