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Adrenal-Thyroid Connection and Energy

Are you feeling tired? Run Down? In need of energy to make it through the demands of the holiday season? When your adrenals are constantly stressed, this sets off an autoimmune, inflammatory response in your entire body. The adrenal-hypothalamus-pituitary feedback loop regulates the secretion of cortisol. All of your organs and your immune system are impacted negatively by the resulting constant assault of cortisol. Low adrenal function can actually cause someone’s thyroid problem to be much worse than it would be otherwise. This leads to fatigue that is cured by sleep.

When people with both low thyroid and low adrenal function are put on thyroid hormone alone, they sometimes feel worse. If you have low adrenal levels and take thyroid hormone by itself, the increased metabolism may accelerate the low adrenal problem. Also, interactions between the hormones are sometimes as important as the direct action of the hormones themselves. Some adrenal hormones assist in the conversion of T-4 to T-3, and may assist in the final effect of T-3 on the tissues. Some scientists believe that even the entrance of thyroid hormone into the cells is under the influence of adrenal hormones. If your adrenal level is low enough, you could benefit by taking both adrenal and thyroid support together.

I recommend Vitality Renew (for adrenals) and Thyrocsin (for thyroid). Also, my books The Juice Lady’s Remedies for Stress and Adrenal Fatigue and The Juice Lady’s Remedies for Thyroid Disorders could be very helpful.


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